NRA Issues F Rating To Bugs Bunny For Tying Up Guns Into Pretzel Shape

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In the wake of new. York. Attorney, General, Latisha James's lawsuit against their organization. The powerful National Rifle Association is clapping back. I. Think I'm using that right? Anyway. The Guns Rights Organization today issued an F rating to bugs bunny for tying up guns into Pretzel Shapes. For more I'm joined by OPR senior alcohol tobacco firearms and explosive correspondent Marcy Hammond mercy. What was the NRA's thinking here while the NRA reserved. The F. rating figures at deems is particularly harmful to the rights of gun owners and leadership believes that bugs his long history of firearm destruction qualifies him. Here's how NRA deputy spokesperson Rhonda mcdaniel. Explain their decision time and time. Again, we have seen this radical agitators seeking to curtail the Second Amendment Rights of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam by twisting their lawfully purchased firearms into a big bowl and the NRA has had enough. Now let's be clear. Bugs is a beloved cultural figure with relatively little political sway is it really in line with Americans interest for a gun lobby to be targeting him round the NRA certainly thinks. So while the organization has been weakened over the years due to lawsuits and falling public opinion they signal, they'll be devoting considerable resources to getting what they call a no. Good Rascal Rabbit here's mcdaniel. Again, if these sort of left distant imitation tactics prevail, we're looking at a future where government agents can just come to your home while you're sleeping and bend your gun into a youth shape or jammed the barrels with carrots coastal elites like bugs bunny may be okay with that outcome, but real Americans will never stand for it mercy. Some have accused the gun right's organization of not caring about tune rights they pushed for decades to deregulate bazookas. Dynamite sticks coming from the ACME company. That's true. But the NRA would point you to their a rating for Marvin, the Martian. For providing what they call a sterling example of responsible gun ownership. Sure. But do they have any other tactics to push back against what they see boxes anti-gun stance while the F. reading a tactic in and of itself of course. But beyond that NRA leadership announced, they'll be launching a public pressure campaign encouraging members to email and tweet bugs bunny to tell him actions are harming the American way of life. They're also lobbying Congress to remove him from television claiming that he's been brainwashing our nation's children with anti-gun propaganda, and if those tactics are unsuccessful, they have plans to draw big angle on his head. To, imagine that this separating didn't sit very well with everyone. That's certainly true. Leslie several gun control groups have spoken out against the move with MOMS demand action launching a new ancient stinker ad campaign targeting the NRA. Responded not personally, but a spokesperson reached out to tell reporters quote meet me. Okay. Then Marcie please keep us updated. That's OPR's Marcy

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