Trader Joe's Fall Products to (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Shopping List


Welcome to another of our short shopping list episodes. I'm Tara Miller director of words and phrases and clauses, and I'm Matt Sloan, the marketing product guy now just about everyone in every type of business has had to make adjustments during this pandemic but we're proud the trader Joe's has maintained a commitment to developing new products to giving you that sense of discovery on every visit. So, let the discoveries begin. All right hold on I'm just organizing. I don't even know where to start there. So many new products. What's purple on the outside creamy white on the inside and makes a Great Ship Donny Osmond socks no. Almost Masaaki sweet potatoes. They're not the normal sweet potato. They're not the bright orange sweet potato, their paler in color and flavor. Wise. I'm going to say that they're kind of like a roasted chestnut in obnoxious kind of way. But in a nice way like insists nutty sweetness these are great chips but wait met we sell. Masaaki. Potatoes in our protection when we can get them. These are delicious sweet potatoes people love them. They're great for you. You meant the sweet potatoes themselves. You mean in chip form that these should be considered some kind of health. Okay. These are potato chips, full disclosure, right So they come with all the caveats that regular chips do sweet potatoes themselves really good for you. I will stand by them. Those are probably in the store. Already I think those are coming in at the beginning of September or something like that, and they are limited because there's a limited number of these potatoes that can be made into chips. People associate trader Joe's with Pumpkins stuff in the fall. How about Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Slim's I mean this is a candy. Yes Pretzel but it's a pretzel that is swimming in really nice white chocolate with crushed pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds and I think we're trying to figure out another way to Pumpkin on their one more time. These are just great. So if you like the peppermint. Pretzel Slim's. I think you'd be a fan of these to these are really tasty sweet with just a little salty. So you just WANNA keep coming back for more. Another thing. That is sweet. But I think not too sweet are the pumpkin spice batons that are coming in and those are kind of a very close relative to the cocoa batons that we have every day and the vanilla batons we have the villa batons. Do, and we've had coffee batons we lemon for awhile it's a wafer cookie with pumpkin spice filling inside I mean it's kind of simple and straightforward, but it's a you know kind of thing you could have with a cup of coffee or even some ice cream though should be in stores by the time. This podcast lands and folks should be able to grab those right away. They're just delicious when we're thinking about. What else to include as a Pumpkin version we often look to really popular products Brioche we sell an inordinate amount of that classic agee, Sweet french-style Bread. We have a Pumpkin Brioche coming I'm excited for this. I think French toast will never be the same. That was also super limited by the right like it's it's in and we'll have it for a little while, but it's not something that's going to be around for. You know months and months and months. That's our hope for infant works or it'll be a great. Saint. Patrick's Day breakfast and by that time it'll be green. So perfect. One of the things that was a big sort of revelation to me this year even though it's not something we invented it's not something we were the first to think of is the spicy pumpkin curry simmer sauce that's coming in. It's kind of inspired more by a Thai curry than Indian curry but it has all of those really classic curry flavors. With the addition of actual Pumpkin and it's like thick and it's creamy and it's got a really good kick to it. I'M GONNA. Say This is good. Right out of the jar actually with Yeah Yeah I can't wait to hear about how people put this to use. We are working on a recipe right now internally for a Vegetarian Spicy Pumpkin Curry potpie that we're hoping to have on our website and in the fearless flyer in late. September. Also, I think slated to be featured in an upcoming flyer many spicy Pumkin Samosas the. Sabih in the frozen section, this is not a Pumpkin pie situation at all. This is an appetizer wonderful bridge creamy spiced pumpkin filling. This does sort of flavor. Wise. Go more toward the Indian style curry Classic Somoza Spices are used this. These are delicious. They're really good with a number of different kinds of sauces has been a we've tried them with a Chutney but also with our sweet chili sauce, which takes its inspiration from Thai cuisine and the hot and sweet pepper Jelly these tastes really good dipped in any of those. I'm still focused and obsessed with Pumpkin Pumpkin Nada. Now, this is a Pumpkin pie situation. So think of a small Mexican inspired hand pie with delicious spiced kind of a classic spice, Pumpkin Pie Spice filling. So. Good. So not like spicy spice but like sweet savory spice, the spices more like our spiced apple cider or a traditional Pumpkin pie spice sat up I mean this would be great for breakfast I. Think because I like to have pie for breakfast you know pine a cup of coffee is a great way to start the day, and this is like a little pie. So it's like I'm just having a little Lil Pie wilpon. That's your new nickname. Okay.

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