Between Israel and the Palestinians failed


President Trump returns to Washington will focus on the Middle East. His son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner says the president's worked out to peace deals in less than a month between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and then Bahrain. Kushner telling Fox is Steve Hilton brought the Middle East. Together, He eliminated the caliphate of Isis. He pushed back Iran, and he's starting to bring people together around shared opportunity. Tomorrow. This is signing ceremony at the White House between is really in the U. S. A ceremony dubbed by the White House has thie Damn accords will be the first Middle East White House peace signing in 26 years. Ah, government representative from Bob Brain will also attend the ceremony. Bach Rain also agreed to a normalization agreement with Israel on Friday. The president's effort to negotiate an historic peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians failed after the Palestinians accused the administration off being biased toward Israel.

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