Met with the family of Mr Blake, who has been accused of abuse of women.


My personal feeling is there is a lot of pain that maybe that Crystallised in that moment, the shooting of a person Seven times in the back. Is just night and day in the face of the fact that Ah The right wood lionize the 17 year old vigilante. That shot three people were murdered, and two of them died so that that young man gets to walk right through police. Lines, So I mean, it's flip it for me to talk about my car, but I think it's very, very seriously start thinking about how did the police treat people of color and I love the police? I have friends that are police. I have clients to the police. I pray for the police. But the system that that Lakhs of two million people in this country that you no disproportionately are African American. We know we're dealing now with that original sin of our country. How How will Joe Biden reduce the violence that is erupted in some U. S cities. What is it that he's going to say? That's goingto come come the the community's well, you know, a lot of that is frustration that economically driven and I think when he lifts all boats by improving our economy That'll be a big help. Big South African Americans right now are looking at 13% unemployment. Do you think? Do you think the rioters that we've seen them the looters that we've seen in a variety of areas and those that are

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