SYSK Selects: How Porta-Potties Work


In welcome to the PODCAST, I'm Josh clerk through Charles W chuck. Brian Jerry. Master Ace. Roland. And this is. To addition, this was going to get these gusting. Yeah. I mean, I. Don't think you need trigger warnings when the title of the episode is is got Porta Potty in it but I'm we'll just throw it out there. We're GONNA be talking about poop in PM. In so if you're having lunch. Maybe just PUT THAT A. Chili dog down gag easily. Sure. You're. Okay well. I don't think we can put it off any longer. Yeah. That can beat it out. I kind of like how this article actually starts though. By Dave. Ruse, he talks about the taster Chicago that was just a ruse jam. Yes, it is good. So. He talks about how? The taste of Chicago right. Every every July. They hold it at the grant park alongside the lake was our show there by the way was that July. No chillier that I think it was October. Okay. They had something had happened in grant park because I remember seeing. Hundreds. And hundreds of porta-pottys on the drive in Oh really. Yeah. So they just always have them there. No I don't think so okay. Well. For the taste of Chicago, they definitely porta-pottys in fact for two thousand fourteen. and. We should say there's a million people that come through this thing over the course of the week he it's a lot of folks it really is have you ever been Atlanta's taste of anything No I haven't either. I don't think it's I. Don't think a million people show up for it. Now it makes me WANNA go try Chicago's to. but so you got a million people and service Sanitation Inc, which is the company that landed the Porta potty contract crunch the numbers looked at the food that was going to be there. said you're going to have some beer? Yeah. Okay. They carried the one and they came up with three hundred eighty regular porta-pottys. Yeah. Twenty eight wheelchair accessible porta-pottys. And Eighty handwashing stations they have so fresh running water. Not Bad. So, here's the thing. That's great. They delivered others things but had they just walked away and said, see at the end of taste of Chicago who it would have been a living nightmare yeah. For everyone involved. Yeah that would be. It would be more than the taste of Chicago. The sickening. Smell of. CHICAGO. Yeah that would have been bad because Well. We'll get into it but PORTA potty. Sometimes, you can leave him come back a week later and just take him away fits a temporary worksite or something but sometimes when you're selling beer and Chile, you need to come at the end of every day and. Clean the suckers out. Yes. That's what they did. They came at night when everyone was sleeping. From well, I guess if you went to bed at nine PM. That's what I'm sleeping. But they would come every night from nine pm three am and they would work in. Here's the thing like. PORTAPOTTIES IT turns out. I. Was Overthinking Them I. thought there was maybe a little more going on. No, they are. They are self. I don't I really don't know what I thought. It escaped me as as the reality of porta-pottys sunk in my delusions about my illusions about him kind of escaped me trickle away and now I can't remember what they were. You've used a PORTA Potty, right? Sure. I have. Okay. But I was like holding my breath in like go just barely have my eyes open because they didn't want any germs to get on my eyeballs. So I wasn't paying that much attention. It's an in and out kind of thing. Yeah. It turns out that like when you service support a Potty, what you're doing is you're showing up with a trunk. Truck as a tank with the vacuum and pressurized tank and you are sucking the contents out of that port a Potty Yep. And, then you put it in the truck you drive off and you dump it off at the waste treatment plant of your local city or town. Yep. It's like a gigantic wet VAC. Yes it is for pooh-pooh. Yes and a very dangerous when I saw at least one story in a Porta potty trade magazine that somebody who I read a bunch of those in life magazine called. It's called a portable restroom operator throw. It's a it's a good bag man they I actually found This one issue online going all the way back to two thousand, nine that I was looking for. So they they're legit. Yeah. But they have been a little more fun with the name and pro well I think they're they're saying like, Hey, man takes on you want but. We're saving your behind. Hey, see. That sounds like a slogan. I'm sure it is while they point out a couple of the slogans because PORTA potty companies or. PORTA Johns Jiffy Johns Port Lou if you're an England. Toi toi Malaysia Yeah they're very famous for having pretty fun plenty slogans, right? Like we're number one in the number two business. Not. Bad that's not bad knowing. There's no one takes care of our business Mr John. Sure. I saw that too. Yeah. There's also one called gut to go but it's spelled really impressively. It's G it's all one word and it's lower case. So it's super. MoD. G, Ot you with an boomlet. She. Love, it. You like that one. Yeah I thought you were going to different direction. I thought it was going to be a little more like Ge a you. Know that's like if they were in Louisiana maybe yeah. That's what I thought. Sure. No this is whom law. That's what got me well and. That's why Motley crue so much. Sure. All right. So Should we talk a little bit about the history? I think so. All right. Well, we need to go back to World War Two in this case, and Because World War was going on there was. There was a need for more poopers. Essentially right because they had like manufacturing plants, popping up de temporary manufacturing plants going up, they have places where they didn't want to build full service, permanent bathrooms, right all over the place, all of a sudden these people needed to go potty. what I saw. I. Saw a few different origin stories. But when I saw the most frequently was that the shipbuilding docks at Long Beach during world. War Two. Sure they're building warships for the US. The guys working the Docs would have to working building ships would have to get on a boat and go back to the dock to. Use the bathroom and it's no good and they were like this is a terrible waste of time. Can we just get something on the ship? So they started building temporary what amounted to the first porta-pottys they

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