Each Of Your Clients Have A Different Relationship With Control #1017



Control is a funny thing I. Think if you ask most people do they want to have control it probably GonNa say yes. But the reality is not everyone does at least not all the time take the manager for example, in her work environment she wants total control. Yeah. When she goes on holidays, she's happy to relinquish that control. Make it somebody else's problem. And, if you think about that in the context of say restaurant Ristorante with a a a set menu is offering much less choice. Therefore, months less control because choice is a big part of control to or at least the perception of control. Whereas if you're in a restaurant with Ala carte menu, you have much more choice they for your perception is urine more control. And I think it's worth considering in your business how much control does the customer have at what points in your customer journey do you give your customers choice and therefore control or at least a perception of control, and that might be simply reflected in the menu like in restaurant or spa, for example, or in the choice of therapist or provider technician? All of these things are elements of control that the guest has or doesn't have and I think if you understand where your custom has control in your business, you can understand how that should tweak according to the type of customer you've got. And I think it's important also in terms of say how you message how you promote your business. For example, if you'll promoting, you'll spy in a restaurant with a set menu. Then you're probably better off offering them a set package to choose from because they're in a position in a mindset, all minimal control. Because I've got a set menu whereas if you were in an alley cat restaurant. That customers in a mindset of having more control because there's more choice. Therefore, you're probably better off offering a promotion that offers say discount on a price of any item on the menu rather than sit or fixed package if that makes sense. So I think the takeaway from today is understand wearing your business. Is Control manifested in how is it manifested in terms of the gift? Where does the guest have control or not in your businesses at high control or low control, and the second takeaway is to understand when messaging and promoting your business does that messaging change depending on whether you're talking to guests who are in a high control or low control environment? Already that is it for tonight I do thank you for your time and I won't be back again tomorrow if I can make it up this bloody hill because I have no control, it's a big deal and is raining already. So yeah.

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