Do Singapore Airlines Flights To Nowhere Make Any Sense At All? #1018



Ooh. Singapore. Airlines. Have announced today to start offering flights to no way quite literally a three hour flight to know where you take off from Singapore, airport and land in the same place three hours later, just flying around in sky now to be fair packaging with limo transfer and hotel stays and a few other things to make feel like you going on holiday but of course. At the end of the day you really not and so the question is doesn't make any sense at all because there's a fair chance. They're not gonNA make any money out of these. They might break even at best but they're probably not gonNA make a lot of money because let's face it who's going to pay a heap of money just to fly around and go nowhere. But this two things that make it make sense to me first of all the planes of sitting date on the ground anyway, they don't do anything. So you might as well use them even if they breaking even and you're also keeping people employed is three things you're also keeping people employed. So you keeping some of the team on and the third thing is you'll keeping the brand fresh in people's. Minds. Not that anyone's ever going to forget Singapore Airlines but it is a chance. I think to Kinda continued experience with the brand. Now, they're not the first airline to do it I. Think Either Ed did it I think a few other people doing it and apparently the ones in with eva air have had some reasonable success not sure how successful it's going to be. It's obviously a bit of A. Novelty to short-term thing but it's an interesting approach i. mean the crucial can offer a cruise to nowhere they literally going out doing short cruises and then coming back. But the difference is, of course when you're on a cruise ship, there's a lot more to do as opposed to sitting on applying. There's not a lot to do the same netflix movie that you could probably watch on your ipad on the. Couch. So there is Singapore Airlines flights to no way not sure. I would actually be doing a flight to no way but then are flying enough fillets people that don't fly a lot. Maybe it's an interesting thing. What do you think? Would you do a flight to no way? Let me the comments blow already that is it today I do think if your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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