Blindspot - burst 05

Trump, Inc.


The Cold War. Now, we can see a new world coming into view and is an empire without challengers president. George H W Bush famously proclaims there's a new world order new world order and we are in charge of it. Zach's father saieed is a maintenance worker in Manhattan. Beloved to make us laugh. My father was very loving man and affectionate husband and father of three. A lot of time you know playing playground or playing at home together you we were pretty normal. Most. Nights Saiidi to dinner with his family and then settles in at home. But lately, he's been leaving. He drives thirty minutes to a mosque in Jersey City and stays late. Zach's MOM Karen. A convert to Islam used to join her husband but this new mosque is stringent she doesn't quite feel welcome. Zach remembers this left his mother little to do after dinner but tuck the kids into bed flick on the TV set and flop

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