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Understand that you should be moving now acting now to get you and your family ready for this storm. The impacts are going to be significant 36 hours from now, when those impacts are going to be felt. Edwards saying that Sally is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and could make landfall in Louisiana on Monday, plus President Trump Holding a rally and Henderson, Nevada tonight. President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are both vying for Hispanic voters in the final sprint before election Day earlier. Until the Latinos for Trump event in Las Vegas, where he slammed Biden. I've achieved more for Hispanic Americans in 47 months, and Joe Biden has achieved in 47 years, and that's a statement. That's a very easy one to make. Meanwhile, Biden's campaign releasing several new Spanish speaking as appealing to Hispanic voters in Florida and the owner of TIC Tac, has chosen Oracle over Microsoft as its preferred suitor to buy the popular video sharing app. According to a source familiar with the deal. Microsoft announced today that it's bid to buy Tic Tac has been rejected, removing a leading suitor for the Chinese owned APPA week before President Trump promises to follow through with the plan to ban it in the U. S. America

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