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Waiting. Thank you. God bless you. All right now in the 19 phone temp right there, Courtesy of your good friend Mr Lu Lu Fei Big boys back to school that top all right, all right. What does Luther want the neighbor to stop doing this up? 86624689238662468923 words, Luther want the neighbor to stop doing? Call us of your laptop is on deck right now to make you think he makes it is going down. TJ pick one is up in here without it. One is going like this. My brother got that mustard, rotten rich ball in and off that Detroit to man knew big Sean Nipsey hustle, deep reverence, both coming up in this Mickey Mickey mix sounds dealing in the neighbourhood to continue. Out with his man. 9 15 Usher is in the neighborhood brand new big interview. Talk about everything, man. You know what's life like he and the Queen has just announced that they are having another. You know, they have a child together. He's going to be 2020 hard Radio music festival and just was going down with the residency, man. You know the negativity negativity that was going on in his life. All things Usher brand new big interview that's coming by 9 15 continue to hang out with his right now. Big boy who laptop What does Luke want? The neighbours have stopped doing hit us up. 8662468923 Big boys. You know that? You do only filming. What a man. Are you still grand in it? It's like like I can get with that plane back like a recline, um, and representing with chatting to me.

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