Report: NBA investigating possible bubble violation by Houston Rockets forward Danuel House


Last night, Game three Lakers and the Rockets. The Lakers win their up to one. The Rockets don't feel good about going into game for the way they got beat in the last couple of games, and the Rockets played last night without Daniel House, who was there? Six man, one of the better players won the better Six men in the MBA. Hey, didn't play the guy averages about 11 points a game and it's not like you're missing Lou Williams or my tray zero but still He's an important cog for the Houston Rockets. Why did he not play well, according to report tonight, Agent Ward Djurovski reporting this his status for the rest of the Western Conference semifinals in jeopardy as the N BA probes potential violation of campus protocol. House is denied any violation on the matter of him. Hey, I didn't violate protocol and go and leave campus. He didn't go and leave campus. That's one thing, but he may have violated protocol. And now the N B. A is talking to the league. Talking with each other on whether or not he's going to be able to play the rest of this series. Does he have to go into a 10 Day quarantine period for this violation? This is Daniel House who did something and violated the bubble rules of Self isolation and being smart about covert

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