It'll get set ablaze, and so they were walking away with three guests. Every white


Get set ablaze, and so they were walking away with three guests. Every white man with a white man and one of my brothers yelled out that the white man would always keep us put on our neck. No matter what we do, they would never respect our progress and I work ethic and my father in the moment of his loss. Devastated by the burning said What a minute. Those are not three white men. Those are three individuals filled with hatred. Wow, malice and jealousy. You never never group people together. People don't do what they do as groups. Those white men say nothing about other white people in this country, people based on the character that he said in the heat of his loss, and so it took me back to it takes me back to him. And ran's book, The Fountainhead. And what happens when you able to hurt people together to make them feel like they're groups and they're all the same. We have to get back to individuality were individuals first, just like we watch this. What happened with George, Florida and the police officers? I was not outraged because George Floyd was black, because the police officers white to me. That, madam, But not what mattered was that a human being lost their life? No reason at all. And someone who's an office of the law had their knee on his neck for almost 10 minutes. That's inhumane. That's not who we are as Americans because any time you try to reduce these kind of crimes Of these kind of outrageousness that we've seen in our society to raise and Jenna and everything is there's certain people you lose because you feel make them feel as though they cannot be outraged, too. So when when you say that that we mustn't collective eyes we mustn't lump people together based upon intrinsic characteristics like skin color. How do you react when you hear things like you have a problem Figuring out whether you're for Mayor Trump and you ain't black?

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