Harry and Meghan sign landmark Netflix deal


Hello everyone and welcome back to the airport I'm your host emits Gabi joined by the lovely mackey really where are you? I'm in, London. Me To why we never actually see. One of these days we're going to be together. We're both in London separated by technology but soon, this is a tease soon, we're going to be together doing this. It's a big deal. It doesn't mean we have lots to talk about this week despite it being the quiet August or just. Seeing the end of the quietest. I like the RUE news continues particularly with our friends over in the US that you can duchess of Sussex if so hit the ground running really since they put that place in Montecito it's true I feel like they bought their house officially and now we're seeing them out. No bow kind of almost becoming a local community members I mean I know we always say that August is quiet at any time before Labor Day but. We've seen enough about they're not taking this time off exactly, and we're going to talk about some of that work coming up shortly including that landmark deal with net flicks. We'll see the couple produced don't event trees don't key series movie scripted series a some of which are already in development. So we'll be going through some of the details from those this week including the couples touching tribute to Princess Diana Pasta way twenty three years ago this week we saw MMC royal family marking that day in different ways and as I mentioned last week show, we just had that announcement about the memorial statue. Will be going up at Kensington Palace you and I can talk about that shortly. But before we start with any of that I, want to talk to you about food mackey because the prince. And the Duchess of Cornwall have been on a virtual taste tour of the UK. This week. Sharing recipes read idea. Yeah. Sharing recipes and anecdotes gathered during their travels around the country. They've now taken to the online space to speak about some of the favorite local delicacies want to know what they are. This is good education for me as well as the still you know somewhat recent. Newbie in the UK I'm still learning all your food customs. So it are they, what are some of the ones I should know all right. Well, you tell me if you know these cornish pants as. No idea? Is it a pastry? It is. It is is usually a meat based pastry. It's sort of has. Good wrinkled edges, they sort of pinch the edges on it. This recipe that Charles and Camilla discovered when they met a family run company in positive of England called Kellington. Camilla visit there the other one was for something. Cool. So to falls now, do you have any idea what that might be? Oh. I have. I, really have. It's either like it's like coca-cola meats. Poultry, it's actually a type of bread. Oh One, hundred percent off. I guess like Soda Bread is a thing. Yeah. Okay. No. That makes sense and this one came from when they met a family running a traditional bakery in northern. Ireland. On top of that list eight cakes I'm sure you know about. Oh. Okay. Are these are these are cakes kind of like crackers, but they're called cakes that people use them like cocker's the actually not like crackers they are exactly. With. People don't be fooled when you come to the UK because they're gonNA put okay and you're gonNA think they're crackers but they're not crackers but you all eat them like craft. Took to the Clarence House instagram accounts to share a recipe for cakes. which he says a commonly eaten at breakfast all set up with the cheese board. Okay. All right. Well, you know if it's good enough for Camilla can be good enough for me, I'll get behind it. Absolutely. Well, this week we also Prince George in the knees. For I guess sort of slightly unexpected headline. I'm one of the British tabloids reported that George is already partaking in one of the royal families time on it traditions grouse-hunting on the grounds of bowel moral in Scotland because of course, we know the Cambridge with rob in Scotland to spend time with the Queen at the. Scottish estates and this was a story that saw a little bit of controversy. Now, it's important to note that Prince George H seven is not taking part in the grouse-hunting, but he has joined his father according to reports to see how it happens and actually watch some of the shooting himself. Now, although grouse-hunting is part of the agricultural landscape Jesus that have number control on the bowel moral state, it didn't take long for controversy to take place at the animal rights group Pizza have criticized this moved introducing George to shooting or grouse-hunting claiming that. Such sport could damage their psyche and could desensitized George to the suffering of animals. The Pizza Director Mimi the cash said that very few people these days view shooting for sports as anything other than a violent perversion that hurts and kills peaceful birds who minding their own business. Really. Interesting. Yeah I thought it was an interesting thing to bring up because of course, on one hand, we have the royal family who when we look at the work, the advocation that Prince William and Prince Harry have been doing when it comes to animal rights and conservation of animals particularly, Africa and illegal wildlife hunting does something like this feed into an unnecessarily negative conversation that could paps detract from the great work. Well, it's interesting to talk so much about. The future of the monarchy and sort of the the new royal family are they going to bring them into the modern era and you start to ask these questions you know? Yes, tradition is so important in the royal family. But when some of those traditions sort of seem outdated and old fashioned and maybe something that we no longer celebrate now I'm not saying that grouse-hunting may be is in that realm just yet but clearly, organizationally pita makes a point saying this is something that we need to address and we need to think about and even challenges. Them saying perhaps this is critical of you to be doing something like this when you promote so many environmental acts as part of your platforms. So it's interesting. It's really important that can take a look at you know what is important when it comes to tradition and what's important when it becomes when it comes to sort of changing the face of the monarchy for the future. Both William and Harry hunted and shot from a young age I think this is famous story that Diana has even jokingly cool the boys killer whales. But of course, times have changed and as we see through the work that William and Harriet been doing a satiny with Harry he's been sort of slowly distancing himself from the sports itself. I think the last time he was known to have taken part in any sorts of animal hunting was the pheasant shoot for Boxing Day December twenty sixth at Sandringham a couple of years ago since then he hasn't been on any of. The family shoots and you know although a lot of this is sort of speculative put on Meghan for being an animal rights activist I think a lot of it's down to the work Harry's been doing. Of course, we've seen him speaking with a number of different sort of animal rights groups, and also his focus on Eko advocation as well. I. Think sort of paps paint some of this stuff in a slightly different lights. But it is interesting to see that this is one thing. One Hobby Diets members of the royal family don't quite seem ready to give up just yet despite how it may look to the public. Imagine how difficult it is to give up traditions ride especially one as you mentioned that. It's controversial but it also some people claim.

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