Episode #48: The Adult Toys From Dodge

Talking Mopars


Back in time around but. I can late sixties I did not have signed Mirka life of the federal government cannot said, hey, you have to have these nineteen, sixty eight. Round side lights and then fifty nine Chrysler. Got Sneaky and they snuck in reflectors and the federal government says, Hey, you can't do that. You're supposed to have light nakas sweaters and that person's. Reporting back in nineteen seventy where nineteen seventy plymouth be bodies. They still have reflectors on there for the dodgers had light again. If you look at seventy super bird, it's a plaintiff back in with a dog on. The back as our reflectors of front has side Marker Lights. So. As far as I know, it's the only car that as African path. And that's a little bit of a Super Berkshire View today. A. Hemi bill that's really interesting and I sure didn't know that I always wondered when the side Marker Lights became a thing and I guess now we know I do think it's funny that Chrysler tried to sneak in just a reflector in nineteen sixty nine very interesting tidbit of super bird knowledge from our friend Hemi bill always bringing us the oddball knowledge that is fun to learn and a great piece of Trivia. Thank you to Hemi bill for that. That does it for listeners stories today with more coming soon on an upcoming episode of just listener stories, I've decided that the easiest way for me to get caught up. On listeners, stories is just to do a whole episode on him. So look forward to that in the coming weeks, and if you WanNa, hear your story on the show send me your stories by email to Chris. Talking Mo- PARTS DOT COM or call two zero nine, twenty Mo-. Park and leave me a voice message that I can play on the show. Remember folks the Voice Mail is limited to three minutes. So if you over, that's absolutely fine that is okay. Leave his many messages as it takes to tell your story and I will find a way to cut it all together for the show that was listener stories.

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