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Fame is a Bitch


From workhouse connect in. Aj. Benza. Vein he walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex tapes is. The Guy, put the cock in the peacock network. Okay Bitch. Hey everybody AJ Benzi here this is fame as a bitch the original. Yes. The free show coming out on a Tuesday. I had too much going on. Sunday, Labor Day weekend, I really couldn't get around to doing this show and. said. What's the difference? Monday Tuesday, they'll get the show. So you get in the show right now my voice is not great because of these goddamn fires because that. Very important gender reveal, we had to know the sex of this baby. Out of the WHO the fuck, these parents are. I'm sure they were named in the paper I. Didn't read it but this poor kid, this port kid when he gets, you imagine the guilt, this kid might have to have on his shoulders knowing that entire neighborhoods were burned up because people wanted to know what sex this baby was going to be how stupid He'll always remember that on his birthday the day. fucking towns Burn Danielle speaking birthdays. Today's Gloria. GAYNOR's birthday. Scoring Gainer I will survive obviously also never can say, goodbye she sang this shit out of that song. She is the epitome of a singer Songwriter who No matter what else she sings a rights. She can never get out among the her massive hit. I will survive is bigger than heart's bigger than so many people. I mean it is the disco song to beat all disco songs and it's also the ultimate Karaoke tune for you ladies. I mean this not a song in the American songbook that has women stand up faster. And Sing it. I mean the other song they love to sing at weddings the meat love song. You know where they were guys lined up across the room from the girls at the wedding and they go back and forth you know paradise by the Dashboard light they love that one to trade song. Men MEATLOAF's whole album. So nineteen seventy, nine, I was a junior and summer of junior year what a fucking album Outta hell and it was a hot summer now had and the beach was burned Oh. My God every song fit exactly what we were doing our in our in our youth. Oh God it wasn't a paradise by the Dashboard Light. It was about hot summer nights. It was everything. I will survive occasional. No is written by Freddie, Perrin and Dino for Carris. For Karras wrote most of the lyrics he also wrote other songs Gloria Gaynor, but this was the only big success he had as a writer. But. Also paren- wrote boogie fever by the silver's he wrote shake your thing by peaches and herb. He was also part of Motown's the corporation which wrote classics like I want you back and ABC by the Jackson. Five, you've never heard of the guy but how about that for your resume and your legacy. But it's funny. This song has nothing to do I will survive has nothing to do with. Her leaving a lover. When I was with downtown Julie Brown we had dinner with Dino for acas one night and he told us it was about him getting fired by motown records when he was a staff writer.

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