A Conversation With Genevieve Piturro Founder of the Pajama Project


Hello My. Women, friends, I am so happy to share today's gas genevieve paternal with you. Her story is an inspiration, a busy television marketing exact in New York City and she hears the whisper of a little girl in her ear and her life is forever changed. This story speaks to the power of what one person can do when they have set their mind to it. Genevieve is the founder of the Pajama Project. They have given out over seven million pajamas and read books to children with those pajamas in shelters across the US in Puerto Rico. A can't wait for you to hear her story get ready to be inspired. Let's meet genevieve paternal. Welcome extraordinary woman radio. genevieve. While thank you, Happy Cami. It's great to have you here. Where are you joining us from today jokes out of Manhattan in the county of Westchester. Very good very good house Howard things out there. In West Westchester we have a lot more than in Manhattan. So it's amazing how you know half an hour away. It's so quiet and closed in Manhattan but has to be that way so that we can say exactly crazy times for sure. Isn't it upside down world? Yes. Yup. As an why some of our work is so important right now and I really am excited to hear some of your stories and here you know you're passionate around human connection and really just helping people step into leading with meeting. So I'm super super excited to hear more of your story unless you start there let's start with this amenity. You were successful television marketing EXAC in New York. And right in the heart of the city and a little girls question changed the course of your life for ever. So tell us more about that. Yes. Yes. I wanted to climb the corporate ladder. And it was not what my family expected very traditional Italian family and I think everyone's waiting for grandchildren firstborn. warned me. Only I had a culprit clock tick game and I just wanted to be independent and wants to be independent woman and I wanted to be like Mary Tyler Moore show at everything and I would just stay off and watch watcher every Saturday night as. I wish I had met the woman that I took a picture of their statue. That's that's all I got to do. But yes she she broke a lot of barriers and I want to be like her as it is a kid. And I did find the corporate ladder and fifteen years in I thought I had the great job and I had the great apartment like she and I was working on that, wardrobe. So. I heard a voice in me before that little girls question. It was question in me I was so shocked I heard a voice in me ask if this is the next thirty years of your life is this enough to that came? What were you doing when that came to you in the moment I was in my apartment was an afternoon. I don't know what they what? It must have been a weekend and I sat down because I never heard a voice come from anywhere except the babbly of my brain and this wasn't up there was lower. Now I call it my heart voice, and we all have a heart voice we need to listen to it because I wasn't listening to mind until. I screamed at me, but it was just a clear. A, clear whisper. But it was unmistakable and I sat down and I realized, wow, fifteen years in thirty eight years old now I'm thinking was right path. This is the question I have to answer. Really the answer was came to me so fast it was no, you know what was what was the big deal? I was alone and I would be along if I didn't really think about what was important because I realized all of a sudden nothing mattered.

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