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So I said that Mariah Carey was in the trash we'll start off with her so she's coming out with a memoir boy. Yes she is and she's coming out with a memoir and She. Talks about a specific. We learned a couple of details Mariah Carey recently have we she yes. So all which opened the show with. was actually about her former fling with Derek jeter. Really. Yes according to BF. There, she had a fling with Derek jeter while allegedly while she was with Tommy. Mottola, we don't. Alleged and And so a song called the route. I don't think I. Know that one in my all we're both about Derek jeeter. Well okay but. She also speaks about a miscarriage she suffered a miscarriage and She speaks about specific instance and there was video. There's a clip posted on on Youtube where she was on Ellen. While she was still married to nick cannon this is before the twins the twins came. So she was pregnant. and didn't want to talk about her pregnancy, but ellen kept forcing it out of her leg. You know giving her apple cider instead of champagne and I know you can't drink and giving her fuzzy high hill slippers in like can I guess the baby's gender like just very pushy things and you could tell she was trying to play along or whatever but she was uncomfortable. And so she spoke about that particular time and how after that interview she actually suffered a miscarriage. in how that made her extremely uncomfortable. Wow because she didn't want to announce her pregnancy. Ellen is Jus- baton two thousand here these days. And she was like I'm not trying to throw in anybody under a proverbial bus but I'm you know this is my truth and I was uncomfortable So yeah. That was then want. So. That's Mimi's news. What else we got in here? Tamar Braxton. Okay. Because I have seen this in the in the media if I am not mistaken but please go ahead I, I. Don't know what to think. So Tae Mar Braxton and we have seen this she has suffered some you know some Challenge she's dealing with some challenges. There we go I. No I'm not the best with that. So she's dealing with some child. She's been dealing with some challenges in publicly which we understand human beings can be very hard right? APPS? And we're not in the public eye in the way in which they mar is in. So I can only imagine dealing with that on such public level. So so You know recently. she and her her boyfriend David I believe is his name. Yes. That is the thing they got into an altercation in the car on the way to drop her off to a rehabilitation facilities so that you know she can go carnegie herself together. Okay. On the way down there, they got into an altercation over a video that he posted of Logan on his instagram. And he ended up filing a restraining order on her said, she assaulted him She said that he grabbed her arm and that's where all of this started now. I. Went and watched the video because I wanted someone to kind of get some context what was going on. I will start off by saying if you are the parent. You do have a right to make requests and nobody really has a right to question. Those right right. You can say, I don't want my child here or I'm not comfortable with this. But I personally don't think that was the case here. That's just my. So I when I went and looked at the video and it was a video of David. Taking Logan to the Beach David's mother was in the background they call her bonus grandma and sonic and Logan seemed very happy in very comfortable with him and he was like, what are we going to do? He's like we're going to the beach I'm going swimming they had their. Mass gone he put his mom in the video I didn't see anything jarring. Not I don't know a lot about this man. I've only seen a couple of small clips He seems like a nice man but he does seem like a controlling man. He seems like he seems like he'd be on some of that shit sometimes but in the video logan seem very comfortable. What I get what I what I personally think. Maybe she was uncomfortable with the caption the caption was not disrespectful. He basically just said, sometimes MOMS need a day off to do mom things and take care of themselves, and so me and Logan are going to the beach with bonus grandma to have a nice day you know so that mom can have her time. Okay. I don't know if maybe with all of the public challenges that have been happening if she took some. Offensive that maybe thought it insinuated some other things maybe thought people would take that and run with it. You know based off public challenges. uh-huh. Nevertheless, they did end up getting into an altercation. In a and he filed a restraining order against Nassar where they at right now. Interesting. So I think I agree I agree or I'll say before I say that let me just say I I don't want anything but I maurice. Maurice Greenleaf. You're absolutely right. I need to give him some water. I'm looking at him right now I feel like. What I mean we and we know that Tamer is going pay mar right and I say that with love but I, mean, yeah. If you have been attained my friend of one of my. Friends for any length of time you know that tape Mar.. Once, she wants when she wants to how she wants it and you know at the at the at the precise time that wanted me now I'm bill I could see. Her feeling away about About. You know this if they have some agreement. I mean I. Guess. The only way I feel like if it were me and they had some sort of established rule that you know whatever you like, don't put my child on the Internet without clearance from me or you know I could of see them kind of being something stipulations. To their. Agreement or you know whatever I mean that's all speculation right either way when it comes down to like whether or not Whether I. Should nobody be putting their hands on anybody else where and at the same time? You know I feel like either we don't know a whole lot more of the story address them struggling to understand where of restraining order is warranted. I don't know where restraining orders warranted, and again, like you said, everything is speculation we were not there. So none of us know I can only mice that that's why my opinion my speculation I was like I may be. And I'm hoping that he because he he filed the restraining order I. I don't think she claimed that he put his hands on her first and then she claimed afterwards that he did grab her arm

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