Hugh Hefner's son Cooper, 'Harry Potter' actress Scarlett Byrne welcome baby girl


You have nurse son Cooper and Harry Potter star Scarlett Burn. Welcome to daughter Betsy. Rose. Isn't this interesting? Oh, yeah. You don't hear that much about this, son, But this is one of Hugh have nurse Children, and it's a darling little baby. I mean, how wonderful Cooper is 28. His wife is 29. Then they revealed their baby news in March, And now they've got a new little one kids. Did you have your hats? And I was wondering, I'm trying to figure that out. Think he had four or three because he had the older Children with his first wife and Christie Hefner was involved in Playboy. And then he had the two kids with his wife, Kimberly, You're right. Yeah, and so is their total. Eso. Cooper is the oldest of the second set and he's interesting because we've read blind items about Cooper that he has political ambition. So he left Playboy enterprises and joined the Air Force. Wow. Kick that off. Because in that picture that they released today of Mom, Dad and being a U s Air Force shirt? Yeah s o. We have to keep an eye out on Cooper

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