Dallas - Texas Expected To See Rain From Marco As 2 Storms Threaten Gulf Coast


Are are spinning spinning near near the the Gulf Gulf of of Mexico. Mexico. Fox is Adam Klotz has details. Tropical storms on the move, likely going to be both hurricanes in the Gulf. Mexico at the same time within the next couple of days. Tropical Storm Marco, currently sitting just off the coast of Cancun, this is gonna lift to the north run up into the Gulf of Mexico, really passing by perhaps Louisiana and approaching Texas, getting late Monday into Tuesday, So the timing of these are going to be really important ones going to arrive a little bit sooner, and that's going to be Marco. But they're going to be in very similar areas. 45 Mile an hour winds right now for Tropical Storm Laura, basically passing Puerto Rico as we speak. Heavy rain beginning to fall in areas of San Juan. This storm just slightly slower, but has a little bit more time to strengthen. So I do think this is a stronger storm. Adam Clots reporting

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