Tulsi Gabbard Named Democratic Nominee in Surprise Twist

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Massive news from the Democratic National Convention today. US. Representative. Tulsi Gabbard has been named the party's presidential nominee. After DNC vice chairman, Peter may burst into a press conference brandishing dusty copy of the democratic. Party's original eighteen twenty eight charter to announce shocking discovery an obscure rule granting the nomination to whomever wins zero point seven percent of the primary vote in the state of Missouri Opr. CHEAP, political correspondent. Dirk mullins was on the scene and joins us now dirk this was quite a one eighty, right leslie truly one of the most unexpected political turnarounds in US history Tolsey Gabbard, the representative from Hawaii who dropped out of the presidential race and nearly six months ago has now gained the nomination mere moments before Joe Biden was due to become the party's official nominee

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