U.S. Penalizes 24 Chinese Companies Over Role in South China Sea


Have been developments Even today in the U. S. China Relations Is China today fired four ballistic missiles in the South China Sea is part of military exercise their welcome now Bloomberg chief North Asia correspondent Stephen Angle with the latest. What's the reaction over there? What's going on in what seems to be increased tension, military tension in the South China Sea. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, of course, The China US relationship is a focal point of this election in the United States and we see it firsthand out here where I am in Hong Kong. And you know, you have to decide whether is this, you know, provocation, military provocation, Or is it Maura? An example of what election era. Theater. But regardless, it's on a dangerous stage here because what we've learned from the U. S military is that the Chinese military in these exercises in the South China Sea between Hainan Island and the Parasol Islands fired four medium range ballistic missiles, including. We're hearing a DF 21 D. That is a dolphin 21 D so called carrier killer missile that was fired from the mainland. Of China into the South China Sea provocative indeed. And separately. We're also hearing that the U. S. Has announced trade and visa restrictions coming from the Commerce Department and the Secretary of state on 24 Chinese companies that the U. S says is tied to the P L. A. The People's Liberation Army's Expansion in the South China Sea. 24 companies added to this entity's list and Wilbur Ross, saying the entities designated today have played a significant role in China's provocative construction of the artificial islands and must be held accountable Now. Separately, the State Department as well, once the bank here, HSBC held accountable. Or what they say, is limiting freedoms for its account holders here in Hong Kong completely separate issue but again part of the political theater between China the United States.

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