interview With Roger Glover Of Deep Purple


I had a chance to spend some time with his Band on the road throughout Mexico we had some great journeys. We had a great lunch legendary ban that is on a long goodbye tour that apparently is getting longer because they've just released a great new album called whoosh here is Roger Glover of Deep Purple Raj. How are you my friend? I'm great I'm great. You remember that luxury. Well, we we. I don't remember what city it was in but we stumbled upon some some spot and remember the band playing and we had a couple of drinks. It was a wonderful afternoon. That's right. There were more in the band we're eating in the restaurant. That's really true. We have a great photo of that somewhere. But anyway have you been Roger I mean it's It's crazy times in the world and deep purple is such a global touring band. It must be quite strange for you'd have to be sort of tethered down right now. a very strange Initially the longest time I've ever had. Is Our full. Stop. Jane. Cooking cleaning. Gardening. Well. You've got a young one you gotta young onto don't you? Too Young well, eleven and nine that's pretty young. That's a that's a that's younger than mine. So I know what it's like it's it's a lot of work. On, my older one is came over for a couple of weeks. She shot forty now and married and my two grandkids. FOR THE MOA It's been a hectic hectic time I. Keep Thinking this a rehearsal took permanent retirement. But I you know I don't want that to happen. So we live in hope. we recorded this album nausea year and so. The original release date was June sometime to go put back to August. Having sitting on a new album beside long without getting released. He's like old hat to us now and yet everyone tearing it for the first time. Yeah. I was GonNa ask you used to that I was GonNa ask you about the time line on it because if I'm not mistaken when we were traveling together and we did run through Mexico together, I remember some rumblings at that time from some of the guys in the band about the idea of. Doing a new record. So at that point, it was still in the talking stages I think and then I'm assuming you wrapped up touring everybody said Yeah let's go for it and you once again connect with the Bob with Bob. Ezra talk about the timeline and and given that you guys are short of winding down. was there differences in the band as to whether you should do new record or not? No. No wasn't actually it was. Quite organic. We'll wanted to do it. I think the thing is since probe. we've done three albums with him now and there's I think there's a feeling that our age seventy S. This is the Korea and we we've got three Amazing albums. showed a sort of a late flowering of abandoned Korea if you like. Very happy about that what what is it? What is it about the connection with the Bantu Baba's your and you know I've talked Alice Cooper about this and he's got a long history with them and a few other artists and I've actually talked to Bob and interviewed him a timer to what what is it for you? What is it about the purple guys that he's brought out of you guys that you feel so comfortable and wanting to be creative with him. And Klay in Toronto. Eight nine years ago. We didn't meet him that night, but the next day we had. A breakfast meeting with him. And he said some great things. He said he really loved musicianship in Swanton Ahe of the band. And He said. Should forget trying to you know, right. Songs to get you know. Parades forget sixty s just be yourself some stretch out. Not Keywords because we started writing. whatever immagination took us. and. I think we had a whole news of the writing experience lost three albums of Philip songs we could never written. Back in the seventies. So the the nineties so so You know. S Precious that connection. We get along with them really well, he looks very efficiently in the studio he encourages. Spontaneity. Encourages. freshness of all recording at the same time, we will go in the studio at the same dominant record the. We don't allow things on you know.

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