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Cave. Bite has one of the show runners of Gaza. Danny can. Talk to me at the beginning of season one. What was the visual sensibility in aesthetic that you are trying to get across in Gotham as opposed to the other Batman related projects or you just trying to make this totally different? Well, no, no no. Completely different because you know I wanted to fit into into this great cannon, the work that's been gone for seventy five years. but at the same time might make it contemporary. And at the same time, it's twenty years from from Batman basically. So. We talked about a few things myself in the rights and when we first met and it seemed like everything we had in that first meeting as played out which is. New York in the seventies was was a a brilliant dangerous time like light seventies. Not just because of all the graffiti on trains and the rundown and Harlem, and all these dangerous places that you could go to his fooling down places but culturally, it was really good music films. It was a hip hop star. Know. New Wave. Everything. Would it culturally it was really great. We talked about that law but the talks about the Kennedy in. London. And and the have and the have nots and that industrial revolution age and. That something I wanted to bring into the fact that city that hasn't been gentrified yet is still locked in the past and probably falling down a little bit. So all the sets of design slightly askew with like slightly going down you know like the whole thing is crumbling been held up with good and things like that, and then the last thing we spoke about was rim fairy tales and and the fact that as adult fairy tale element to. To honor the comic book idea of it. And so those three elements thrown together. And then must is to keep your feet on the ground. So it's it feels really reliable. It seems like it also has a color, its own color Palette jet texture that we haven't really seen in other comic book adaptations to now I mean that was just because with all of those influences coming in there are certain gels you caught through. There was a contemporary look we didn't do. We could do a test now bicycler whereas like is this often cars that cars this governed governor it's the same thing as colors and. Trying to get the crews taste and and and the performance tastes into that same thing. It's it's good and it was easier than we thought. You know it's it's quite. Nobody knows what period is if feels comfortable because it feels very familiar. That yet, but nothing sticking out you to to portray that. Theatrical reality that was one of the series executive producers and Danny Cannon, whose asked if Gotham itself as a character in this without doubt. Yeah. Without doubt that's why the show that was very much. Bruno's intentions had to be a character and all the designing I did was was was on that. Was myself in the production. drew for a long time just to get I found myself. It wasn't just drawing the new buildings that wanted to insert into New York will take away the glass buildings out of New York. Older Dickensian style attended the century English buildings It it I I. Drew Skies, and that was I don't know where that came from US listened to music and I'd start during stormy skies everywhere and I was like. That's it that stat stats when I got it was when I I put stormy sky on everything. Now, Gotham is a huge hit on twitter. How do feel about beating every other show on twitter are really Fila get on twitter? Obviously doesn't need me. Yeah right yeah. I think that's wonderful I. You know to be talked about Israeli sometimes even better than watched I think it would be I. I. It's Great. As long as I can promise those nice people that allowed that to happen that the show gets better and better, and there's plenty to talk about are there any character storylines you would like to bring in that you haven't brought in already? We have a great relationship with DC and we sit down with them constantly and Ask about origins of various characters and. It's amazing. How many don't have Origins. Many characters just turned up his bad guys you know in the and so. It's really. We feel on to be able to go back in this. Great. Legacy and and and UH. site. Okay. So how did they turn up like that? How did they have? So. Yeah. Now we're having a lot of fun.

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