Dr Brad T, PAC And Director discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show


Report and have fall camp and started. Practices and and you know our our athletic director I give him a lot of credit. Dr Brad T- he he was one of the first first directors to come forward and and and and present support. You know you know on his on his social media on the University of Apple you syndrome dissolved athletic paid for playing the season and he came out that way because he knew that our student athletes wanted to play and they wanted to do everything we could to. Play in twenty twenty and not the spring of Twenty One and look he he he came to our practice he came to meetings and and he entered the hard questions that are young men had to ask and there was some hard questions. I think when you sit there and you watch the way, things are going socially and watching social media what was happening with the PAC twelve and big ten and you know sec pushing games back and all these things there was a lot of indecision and a lot of questions. But one thing I can say is When those questions are answered our our players didn't waver their families didn't waver

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