Rihanna says she still loves Chris Brown, have 'a very close friendship'

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Today Daily Property Yana reveals she still loves Chris. Brown. Well, at least she did back in two thousand twelve oprah just reposted an interview to her super soul conversations podcast Arianna Open Dabbagh. Chris and whether she could forgive him, here's what she said. We've been working on our friendship began. Now we're very, very close friends. With built a trust again unless it like we love each other and probably always will an. Anything that we're going to try to team not something you can shut off if you've ever been in love You're seeing each other again. He's in a relationship of his own. I'm single. Do you think Chris Brown is a true love for you? Absolutely. I think he was the love of my life. He was the first love. And I see that he loved me the same way. A lot of people thought that it was unforgivable. Have you forgiven him? I have forgiven him. Wow. So this was a very serious and shocking interview. Do you think Riana still feels this way again, hundred mine the audience this isn't old interview that just got reposted. Here's the thing. And I said this in two, thousand twelve and I'm GonNa say it again in twenty twenty. For Riana I, feel like she never really got the closure she deserved in this situation. And anytime, there is three hundred and fifty million people influencing your decision you are going to go with what you think people want to see. So I truly believe had those photos not come out had we all known it? She probably would have went back into that relationship and then realized that it wasn't for her and then left but she never got that chance because everybody was in the business again I would not have told her to go back but I know some people do. And I know that's why a lot of relationships lingers because people never get that closure people feel like they never ever got that chance to say, Hey, I'm done I've grown out of this and I can't be a part of this. It's almost like she feels forced out of the relationship based on other people's opinions and everybody weighing in you know word on the street and this is super inside information. This I'm not even sure if this is correct, but there has been talks for years that this is obvious and it might have even been printed. So I don't know if I'm like dropping a bomb, but they've gotten into several altercations, physical altercations in the past where they were both. Physical towards each other right exact. Anyway. So there was a lot of speculation about that behind the scenes, kind of more under the radar for years that had been going on between them. Unfortunately, this incident did catch wind of the media and the public, and there were the photos that were leaked, which were absolutely horrific should have never happened so I do feel like you know that altercation happened when she was very much in love with somebody things got very out of hand and they were not okay H. and never get to that point. But then the entire world jumped in and was like you cannot love this man you need to leave. It was like, Whoa Whoa WHOA WHOA WHOA so it's kind of like one. J. Lo had to leave diddy when that whole court case was going on you know what I mean. It was just not good for her image she had to separate herself. So I feel like this does not surprise me at all that her feelings still linger. Of course, it was her first love they were like you feel that magnetic chemistry between them and then do you remember she did this interview and then she pop back up I was doing daily pop has more in the beginning and they had the the photo of them are in front of the car. You know what I'm talking about I was trying to forget that right now. I was trying to prevent it. They kindled for periods of time. Don't forget the birthday cake remix to when she came out with the song everybody say yes and then the remix came and it was him on the remix and she didn't want anybody. So it was like Oh. Maybe they're getting back together. Yeah Ain't nobody's business you remember that song. I know I it's such a complicated relationship with the pan. The band ain't got pulled off before she was ready to process it as remember in this interview, she goes on to talk about how it was. Really. took her long time to really realize where where she falls in like what love is supposed to look like because of her relationship with her father and she openly talked about how her father was used to her mother and so those when you grow up in that kind of situation, it's deeper than just. It's it's learning what love's supposed to look like learning love is and she was very young when this happened and as you guys said, it just took time to process all that I. Don't think that Riana still wants to be with Chris Brown in any way that ship has sailed I just think then there's like this love of while we never got to end it how we wanted to I never got that closure. It took me years to process how I even felt in that moment. I decided. No I feel like she wants to go back I feel like she wants to do it again but she knows that people are going to talk so much smack about her. If she goes back down people get week we're that bag I can't believe she did it I'm telling you. About. Why Since then I don't think. So yeah, why do you think the real quick Oprah's been reposting some of our old interviews, but she did not put a disclaimer like this is old this is from two thousand twelve. Do you think is kind of annoyed that this came out again? I don't think so I think when you go on Oprah, it's never easy conversation I. mean you had cookie Johnson talking about her husband's HIV status. You've had Whitney talked about her drug addictions Whitney Mother's talking about Sexuality Oprah is the place where you're going to go and have that hard conversation and once you say it, it's GonNa live on forever. So no, it's old t for sure but it's Oprah's status bill she pave.

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