1-on-1: Mike Jordan talks about giving back as a coach in Philadelphia


Former University of Pennsylvania basketball star Mike Jordan is back in Philadelphia. He was recently hired as an assistant men's basketball coach at Trachsel. Cable. W's Matt Leon recently caught up with him after graduating from Penn, Jordan went overseas and enjoyed a very successful career is a pro player, spending time in many different countries. Prior to joining Drexel's coaching staff, he served as an assistant at Colgate. He talks about why he loves to coach I love basketball. Er, my experience of the coaches that I that I have had growing up. They're all very positive influences on my life. There are Father figures for me at a certain point in my life, so I wanted to coach because I wanted to be that for somebody else, you know, and I want to give back what was given to me. You can listen to the entire interview with Mike Jordan by checking out the latest episode of my Podcast, one on one with Matt Leon. Subscribe on the radio dot com APPLE Wherever you get your podcast Matley on K Y W News radio, the

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