Kenosha County curfew lifted


A curfew that was in place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for more than a week after the police shooting of Jacob Blake was lifted today, another sign of increasing calm in the southeastern Wisconsin city. It's been the epicenter of the latest eruption over racial injustice. The move came a day after the curfew was targeted is unconstitutional in a federal lawsuit. And the day before former Vice President Joe Biden plans to visit Marking his first campaign stop in Wisconsin in nearly two years. The curfew was enacted after Blake an African American man was shot by a police officer on August 23rd Jacob Blake senior today told WG and America's news nation. That his son is out of the hospital intensive carrying it now. The shooting of Blake captured on cell phone video sparked protests. It resulted in buildings being burned and vandalized. And in the shootings of three protesters, two of them

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