The Scoop on CBD With David Krantz


Hey everyone. I am here with David Krantz David thank you so much for being with us here today it's good to have you back on the show. To push back, really appreciate you reaching out and setting this up. Yeah. Well, for those who don't know you, you've been on the show. But you are a sought after certified EPA genetic coach. Last time you're on the PODCAST, we talk specifically about epigenetics. Specialize in personalized nutrition, genetic testing optimal. You are the two thousand Nineteen International Forum on Healthcare Advancement, top one, hundred health innovator nominee, and your best known for creating the appear on genomics indicate cab annoyed panel. So you know a lot about the economic system, CBD EPA genetics all these sort of Geeky side things that I love to just like dive down deep into especially when we sent her that around. Because there's so much there. So I'm excited and let's dive in last time you talked about certified your work is a certified. Coach can you briefly share your journey a little bit of background for those that may be missed that episode WanNa know a little more about who you are and how you got here? Absolutely. So I like a lot of people who find themselves in the healing world had to really kill myself and figure out my own stuff I, and that's really what led me into the path. And My background is actually in music and electric music production performance, and in my early twenties I was touring musician and Meyde lifestyle and all the stressors not taking care of my body really just 'cause my health to crash and I started having these weird symptoms I was passing out randomly, which was not fun like wake up and realizing that I was just unconscious for a little bit. I saw a number of the mainstream doctors and they're basically like well, you're like a healthy young guy in his twenties like you're not. GonNa. Die of a heart attack. We can tell you that you're not gonNa you know. You don't have diabetes. We can tell you that right and beyond that there wasn't a lot of actual useful actionable information, and so it really forced me to do my own research and figure out what's going on. I've been listening to this podcast with the Guy Dr Dan Stickler, who is a world renowned expert in genetics and epigenetics sand I listening to all of his podcast episodes that he had out. And there wasn't anyone really talking about this stuff in this angle and I took a walk on my lunch break one day at work and realize the logo of this podcast that I've been listening to was literally on the building next door. Like one hundred yards from whereas working and the doctor had an office next door to me that I didn't know about. So wild. And so I immediately booked a time I wanNA blood work done with them. I wanted to work with them and it turned out they're actually looking to hire someone with an audio background to help them develop meditation programs and stress relief programs for this experimental sound chamber. They've built in this clinic and I turned out I had the perfect background you know immediately want to. Start working with them and right around the same time. This Guy Dr Dance declare who's he's a consultant to Google lectures at Stanford. He started a training program for teaching genetics teaching epigenetics and I haven't the replaced at the right time basically, and he was like, Hey, you should you know be a Beta tester refer this program like you kind of have a basis for it. Me Can pass his knowledge on to you actually said no at first I was still in the I`Ma musician. Kind of mindset and sure enough I actually ended up being the first coach that he trained. He's trained about three or four hundred worldwide now, and so that's really kind of what launched me into what I'm doing now, and since then I've gone on to develop a genetic test for economic function like you mentioned with Dr. Stickler and so it's really been a battle one eighty Cana journey for me in terms of going from someone who? Really needed help to kind of being on the other

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