Trump Defends Kenosha Shooting Suspect


That was an interesting situation. You saw the same tape and he was trying to get away from them. I guess it looks like and he fell and then they very violently attacked him. And it was something that we're looking at right now, and it's under investigation, but I guess he was a very big trouble. He would have been probably would've been killed. It's under it's under investigation. Great Odin's raven, can you believe The president of the United States is defending 17 year old Kyle Riton house. He hasn't said a nice thing yet about Mr Blake. That's how the media is playing the story in Wisconsin. Here's the shocking headline here on this morning President Trump on Kyle Rittenhouse. Trump appears to back claim that suspected team gunman Acted in self defense rips left wing political violence. That's a Fox news headline. Now why are they all shocked? Because the media wants you to believe that Kyle Rittenhouse was some out of control crazed teenager. Running around on the streets and in Kenosha, Wisconsin, willy nilly looking for somebody to shoot. That was not the case at all. And I was wrong. About a post. I put up the other day about him that he didn't have a right to have the weapon, his attorney says. That's not the case. His attorney was on was on with Fox. With with Tucker last night. And he said that this was clearly a case of self defense. Listen. This is 100% self defense. Tucker Kyle. He's a good kid. He's a lifeguard. Kenosha was burning down. Actually, when he got done with work that day, hey, went to the high school with some friends to try to remove some graffiti. After that, they got a call from a local business person who owns three businesses in downtown Kenosha. Two of those three businesses have been burned to the ground in this business owner I simply wanted Teo desperately protect what was left of his life's work, So we asked for help. So, So that's that's bite number one. The second question for me, Wass. Was the gun legal. My thought was he's 17 years old. He lived in Illinois. He was in Wisconsin. He was carrying an air style rifle. If he transported the gun across state lines. That's a problem. So Tucker asked him that question last night that, by the way, was John Pierce, the attorney for Kyle Riton House. This was John Pierce's answer to that probing question. Listen, I have read that he brought a firearm as juvenile 17 across state lines. Lot of people that's incorrect. Tell us where the gun is incorrect that that is incorrect. That firearm never crossed state lines. That is a legal firearm in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is an open carry state that charges incorrect. As a matter of state law, a 17 year old, he was legally entitled to have that firearm in his possession. Moreover, we're going to be arguing that the Second Amendment And Title 10 section 2 46 of nine States code renders that charge in any ordinance that that charge would be based on blatantly unconstitutional under these circum So It kind of puts a different light on it. I Here's what I think. My 17 year old tells me he's going to downtown ST Louis because there's a riot going on down there and he wants to go protect buildings. I'm locking him in his room. I don't think the kids I don't think the kid had any business going up there. Into the chaos of a riot where he had no, I your head has to be on a swivel. If you're going to carry a weapon in the situation like that, you need to be trained. But the failure here is on the officials in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the governor, the mayor, who who so let that situation get out of control that Citizens felt like they needed to take to the streets to defend businesses. Right back up. Don't ask a stupid question because I'm lost by the whole, the businessman calling 17 year olds to protect their building. That was my first question runs engineered. Apparently, the kid knew a lot of people and spend a lot of time in Kenosha and was up there helping remove Graffiti from a building when they get a phone call from business. There's wanting 17 year olds with guns to protect them. I don't know if they were all 17 years, people that called this kid to begin with an excellent question, and I think that all those air legitimate questions. But at the end of the day What? What you saw in the video was someone who was about to get his head bashed in with a skateboard and the second person that he shot Had a handgun pointed at him when he turned his rifle around and shot him. This is not some clear cut case where he murdered two people in cold blood. And yet the officials in Wisconsin have charged him with two counts of first degree murder. On assault for the third person that got wounded. And yet, the guy who got shot who had the gun in his hand, who is a convicted criminal? Has not been charged with anything yet. The guy that tried to bash him over the head with the skateboard has not been charged with anything yet.

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