My Kingdom is not of this World (John 18:36)


John Chapter Eight, Verse Thirty Six. Jesus answered. My Kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting that I might not be delivered over to the Jews, but my kingdom is not from the world. When I grade verse that just? Contrast the Kingdom of Jesus and the kingdoms of this world, and it's really a contrast. We see all throughout the gospels. You just think about the differences even as we are in an election season in the United States for those who listen to this podcast and live in the US in the middle of a presidential election and like all the things that are happening that are that are pretty focused on our country in this world. So think about the difference between Jesus Kingdom and the kingdoms of this world like. The Kingdoms of this world are built on like appeasing catering to the crowds. Keenum of Jesus is built on like counting the cost of following him in such a way that the crowds for the most part left that happened all the way back in John Chapter six. The road to Jesus's kingdom is not paved by like political hostility toward people. It's paved by spiritual humility that's counter the kingdoms of this world. Entrance into Jews, kingdom comes not by asserting yourself by denying yourself. Like those who are citizens of, kingdom are not people who show their power like with the weapons of this world. That's the whole point of what he's saying here they're the people who put their trust in God's word. And all of this is right before Jesus is delivered over to be crucified like. Alternately the inauguration of Jesus Kingdom is not set in motion when he is elected. It's set in motion when he is executed. When in the? Next chapters he will be crowned with thorns on his head as he suffers for sin we committed. Cheeses we praise you. As. The perfectly unique. Unprecedented. And a worthy only worthy king. And we pray for the privilege. Of. Being part of your kingdom, we exalt you as king. We Exalt you as Lord. We Exalt you as savior of our sins. We Exalt you as conqueror of. Death. We Exalt you as the one who is syndicated in seated at the right hand of the Father Right. Now, all glory beat your name Jesus our king, we worship you we exalt you we surrender to you. We gladly lay down our lives before you in me say thank you. Thank you for letting us part of your kingdom. Thank you for making us ambassadors. For you the king on a picture that we see in scripture that were embassador of yours representing us, help us to represent you. Well, we pray help us to live according to your character and your word, help us to reflect your love and your truth and your kindness and your compassion gun make more and more like, Jesus. Our King, we pray and We are exhilerated when we think about how you have made us heirs. Of Your Kingdom, how the Holy Spirit as a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance that one day, we will inherit your kingdom. So we pray like you taught us to pray Jesus our Father in heaven hallowed, be your name, your kingdom come your will be done. Your will be done in our lives. Your will be done in our families. Your will be done in our churches. Your will be done on earth we pray as it is in heaven. Jesus we praise you as our king re pray you'd help us to live. Ultimately not for the kingdoms of this world, but for your kingdom. In the name of Jesus our King We pray. Amen. Even as I pray that I want to mention that just finished writing a book actually about how do we glorify Jesus King in the middle of a presidential election so just a short buck called before you vote seven questions Christians should ask before they vote. I'm just so burdened to help. One another glorify Christ with our vote as citizens in this country for those who live in the United States and to do it. Who in in unity with the church told walk through a politically divisive climate in time. Growing together with unity in the church around Christ. So if you're interested in diving into that short book, I invite you to go to radical dot net to find out more information about before you vote and I hope it will serve you well just to make clear in this book I have not desire to support or denounce or even hint towards supporting or announcing update their candidate like my. My name is not really who wins on election day. My name is where you and I stand in Christ on election day and where we stand as the church and not just on that day but in the days thereafter so I hope it will serve you well if you have an opportunity to dive

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