The Way Forward For Kadena



Is your guys strategy going forward now that you just got your token listed for the very first time I'm Beatrix Global. And what's what's the the campaign now to a community of developers around this amazing product that you've built? Well, our belief is we don't there. There was a playbook that we were trying out for a while that was going around a lot in two thousand eighteen about like you know that the community is everything and you gotta you gotTa have somebody like Vitale on the plane. You know two hundred and fifty days out of the air showing up at every conference imaginable and every Hack Ifan imaginable and. You know and you've got to set up in Asia Europe United States. And that's just critical. That's what you gotTa do and. What we found was that that is a bit of die think that was a bit of ICO. Fluffy you know that That wasn't what was really going on with various coins doing well or not doing well or going up and going down and really what makes a community happen is basically delivering. Technology to the users on time that works. And then putting it in their hands and then helping them use it. Did, of course, theorem launched quite a long time ago and they launched with. More or less the system that they have now. And therefore, people were able to start building with it, and that's really important and but we've seen the same thing where you know we we launched our blockchain and November without transfers. But with mining, we did the full launch January. which then enabled all the smart contracts, and since then we see more and more interest before then the main interest people had was in mining you know. and that started the mining rate started to pick up early on in that built our community. But that was a mining focus community that kind of growing discord. And now that the full platform is there and with some of the announcements we've made like know that we're integrating with chain link in some in some about some of our partners. People are finally starting to get the message about pack because the funny thing about smart contracts is that you know. It's it's hard to get people excited about language. It's hard to get people excited about a a nasty K-. But when developers actually get their hands on it, they start getting pretty excited because you know one of the we we have we have endless stories user stories now about people who? Take two months to get productive in solidity they get it they get a demo done in two weeks packed and they've never even seen it before and so people get excited about that kind of stuff because it's it's empowering to be able to make you know your pse or your your concept come to life on a blockchain with so little effort, and also because practice such a safe language know that it's going to be a pretty safe application right out the gate. You know we had a we had a really interesting thing recently with a blend. With their fen print company where they migrated an entire working demo off of a theory. I'm onto Kadena, and we're able to show it to their client in three weeks. and. It was a really slick demo to. So. They put out a really nice blog article about moving about migrating from the packed. So so we're really excited about that but also we're going to scale or blockchain. In July from ten chance to twenty change, this has never been done before. I mean, no one started a blockchain, a base layer blockchain before anyways. But this is very important for us to show that it's not just that it's sharded it's scalable sharded we can keep increasing the size of network. And you know that that's something that has interested everybody from developers to like the enterprise blockchain press. They pick that up on our last announcement so. So all it all with without in the listing. It's a really exciting time right now. Just because I think, people are finally starting to really have a glimpse of. What we're offering man, that is amazing

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