It's a thing that Keeps evolving


Keeps evolving and keeps Young people. There's more young black Latino millionaires in America than has ever been because of hip hop. As crazy as some of the music is, it is and every most of them. We're speaking a truth. Most a lot of Ramon. He could tell a lot of people are in it for the money. And they don't care about it on you Don't care did mess it up. They have no respect for the culture. That's what anything that comes with anything but anything great people want to be a part of it. You know they want to be wrappers, and they want to be colorful and loud and and because it's so attractive to be a rap star. But that comes with the game. But then I care about the culture more then I guess I want to point out what I wanted to point out when I said if I was dead, but I don't know my answer for that, I guess. I guess I love it.

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