Deutsche Bank turned over Trump financial documents to New York prosecutors


More trouble for the president another scandal that has dogged him actually now for most of his first term, here's the headline in the Times tonight quote trump's bank was subpoenaed by New York prosecutors in criminal inquiry. Here's the nut graph of that story. Here's how it starts the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, which means state prosecutors in New York state issued the subpoena last year to Deutsche Bank, which has been Mr trump's primary lender. Since the late nineteen nineties, they are seeking financial records that he and his company provided to your bank according to people familiar with the inquiry because of. Its long-standing and multifaceted relationship with trump Deutsche Bank has been a frequent target of regulators and lawmakers digging into the president's opaque finances but the subpoena from the Office of the District Attorney appears to be the first instance of a criminal inquiry involving trump and his dealings with Deutsche to lent him in and his company more than two billion dollars over the past two decades. Here's the amazing part the part that was the sort of draw jaw-dropping reveal in this story. Quote deutschebank complied with the subpoena. Out over a period of months last year, the bank provided the prosecutor's office with detailed records including financial statements and other materials that Mr Trump provided to the bank as he sought loans according to two of the people familiar with the inquiry. The subpoena to Georgia banks saw documents on various topics related to Mr Trump and his company including any materials that might point to possible fraud according to people briefed on the subpoenas contents. The bank's cooperation with the prosecutor's office is significant because other investigations that have sought trump's financial records have been stymied by legal challenges from the president and his family. This criminal investigation from New York prosecutors initially appeared to be focused on hush money payments made in two thousand sixteen to two women who said they had affairs with Mr Trump. But in a court filing this week prosecutors in the district attorney's office cited public reports of possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the trump organization and suggested they were also investigating possible crimes involving bank fraud. And Insurance Fraud. So. To be clear, this is a big deal that the New York Times is reporting tonight this is not about the subpoenas for the president's financial and tax information that were litigated up to the supreme. Court are now kicking around in the lower lower courts by the present, his lawyers seek to delay compliance with these subpoenas. What this is about is a subpoena of Deutsche Bank. which has loaned two billion dollars mysteriously to the president over his recent business career. Subpoenas to Deutsche, bank related to their dealings with the president, and these are not subpoenas that the president has successfully fended off in these tied up in court. This is a subpoena to Deutsche Bank the bank has complied with. And they have handed over all of this trump related documentation to state prosecutors were apparently pursuing a multifaceted criminal investigation of the president and his business an investigation that is not bound by the Justice Department's Ninety Day rule such as it is nor are they bound by the Justice Department's rules prohibiting the indictment of a sitting president because those rules are federal rules and these are state prosecutors? Prosecutors not answerable to attorney general the embar. Not only is it news that they are pursuing this stuff in the way that they are it is big news that in pursuing this information about the president, they got it they got their hands on this stuff from Deutsche Bank. Who Knew.

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