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Good afternoon from Zurich we start in Lebanon where people are calling for justice following a huge blast in the country's capital Beirut at least one, hundred and thirty five people are known to have died in the explosion thousands more have been injured and many more have lost their homes. Komo mosaic is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Beirut, and he's very good friend of the MONOCLE team. He joins us on the line from Beirut Hello Komo. Good morning by the Hello Calico I I wanted to to start, of course with maybe you painting a little bit of a of a picture for us We are of course. Yeah. Now well, over day into this aftermath of this blast of course, we've spent a lot of time in Beirut together over the years in good times and in bad. But what is the spirit of the city today? What's the spiritual sippy can be after you know I'm not going think immature I think everybody's so this mushroom blast you know. And someone course barrel Shema. So it's the second. Sousa search biggest love ever the over so. I don't know what can be. She would emergency mode on Tuesday nights of trying I. I was I drove from the mountains to within like half an hour which takes maybe two or three times more time. I was trending on the streets just to meet by partner who was wanted at the other end of the street. So I think first, they were completely under the show yesterday we were trying to. To suck leaning. Roberson. Understand who's alive was that was one bit and today is our survey after Sabang and trying to understand what happens and it's devestation. There's nobody people's there's not once the. Organism is doing anything. People are in this three hour cleaning the streets. They are helping people took years, their houses they are moving. To you know and. It's just keeping. Others today the. which talking to understand what happened it took us two days to understand I'm I'm curious to to understand also the psyche because you of course have been through so much as all Lebanese have the decades and of course, there have been there have been car bombs There have been of course, mass protests, and of course we know that Lebanon has been. Through a particularly difficult patch of of late and of course, this this happens I want to about the resilience of of the Lebanese spirit. Are you seeing that because I think we all often always agree that the Lebanese have to be the most resilient people in the world given all that they've they've been through but what what is the spirit like right now? I don't want to hear sort at all anymore I even pronounce foods are. You know I can't hear it anymore I don't think it is what it is just sort of you know we have no choice but to survive But to be able to survive, I'm not able to to say the word was arch to be able to survive your orders need a minimum of strength or. or in your hearts, which is fine. Doesn't exist at all anymore I. think it's like treaties trump and we cannot take all anymore. It's. It's you know. It's lot of. Destruction seeing all your life what would you know over and over again? In the weight it's like bombs tighter cannot be but this. Is. Where it had suspended for dinner is. Completely. Destroyed the trees in front of our issues on how can you get down? Of A tree it is beyond that you can you imagine just like. An on bump and since too much to go over. Where we don't have the choice where we're where you know we're looking at our wounds now. and. I jumped out of meeting where we're trying to set up a kitchen was censored. was the. Central Kitchen full dress project to start cooking for emergency. So we're just trying to get out now of success of the emergency and seeing what can be done and what we can do, what must be done, but it's really very, very, very difficult to scale beyond anything you can imagine. Kamal over the last forty, eight hours. Of course, we've heard a number of countries probably France what am I talking about AIDS and and of course, emergency intervention in the country are you already seeing signs of that? Are you seeing troops or support from from elsewhere already involved with recovery? You Emmanuel Macron. And votes French president arrived city. To visit. That city and president haven't even said a word of on. Anything have been on the grounds so as or nationally and metro is now on the ground just planted and bill, and then the number I cannot. I cannot reply to France and seventy support trump over. So we're you cannot believe what it is. It is overwhelming it's warming our hearts it's giving maybe this is the only thing thousand giving us hope sore going to go on. So, yes. That's about specific receptacle trump something as to moral. That's for specific projects about play you we need everybody. To be able to grow up Camilla's in Beirut we will look forward to, of course, speaking to and Komo hopefully also. Looking forward to coming up to Beirut to join you very soon

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