The Ring drone is just the latest Amazon privacy puzzle box


Amazon yesterday rolled out Ah, whole bunch of new speaker and security devices. What I mean is pretty much like there was like something for every room in every size and every person in your house at this point, but pretty much it sounds like they just want to know what you're doing everywhere at all times. Of course they do. S so I would say the most. I don't know what you're gonna ask, but I would say the most revolutionary piece that I saw out of this was the indoor drone camera. No, no, no, no, that's that's where we're going to start. That's why Elaine and explain it. So the indoor drone camera is a home security camera that you would set up. If you want something that is creepy as all hell, I guess. But the idea here that Amazon came up with is a lot of people don't want a home security camera in every room of their home, especially in some of the more private areas, But What you could do it. This is no. It might be set up in your living room. But when you leave, it'll just kind of wander around all rooms of the house and take video for you and check on him Now, are you responsible if you're at work Are you responsible for piloting? Said drone on your phone, or does it fly around? I believe that it will fly around on its own. You can program some some free design a little fun with the dog on that. Well, yeah, So, Yeah, This is not something that I'm even interested in. And I have less of these privacy concerns. And Chuck does. But this is my nightmare. This is literally Like when I wake up in a cold sweat. This is what it's about Drone staring at you in the face. Yes, this's what it's about. So I just I don't know how we've gotten to the point. Where we feel that we need to have something flying around inside our homes to make letter that we feel safe. Like how soft have we gotten What we need to invite. Jeff Bezos is drone into our house to say Thank you, Geoff. For watching over me like I know I can't do it. I can't do it. I think one of the best quotes that I heard this is from a tweet from Walt Most Berg, who's a longtime tech product reviewer, member of the non profit news, literally literacy. Project in a country with no laws regulating digital privacy. Anyone who buys this from a company with a history of privacy problems is insane. And that's about how I feel. I mean, who's really asking for this in their homes play? You know what I think? Plenty of people I I ke your bells have been. Yeah, I understand that you have three camera forward facing camera doorbell. In a drone that flies around your house looking for problems. Not that big a difference. Just wait. I bet this thing sells.

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