Microsoft makes case against Apple with filing in support of Fortnite maker Epic Games


And Goliath battle. Microsoft just sided with David Epic games. The maker of a popular video game fortnight is suing Apple and Google. Microsoft is joining the video game maker in that lawsuit, Going after Apple and Google marketplaces Nova Sappho is here with more high Nova. Good morning, Sadri. So epic is suing Google and Apple over alleged monopolistic practices in their APP stores. What does that have to do with Microsoft? What's happening is that the fight is spilling over and affecting. Other companies. Potentially epic games makes fortnight as you mentioned, but it also makes a tool that a lot of a lot of other video game developers used to make their own games. It's called Thie unreal engine, and that's where Microsoft comes in. Epic says Apple has threatened to stop the unreal engine. From working with IOS and Mac devices, and Microsoft, in a court filing over the weekend, said that would affect its games business that it will be forced to either abandoned Apple customers or find another tool for game development. Remind us how

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