Democrats Open to Restarting Coronavirus Talks Despite Stalemate


On Lisa Brady Fox sees that message from the Senate's top Democrat offering to return to Corona virus relief talks if Republicans are willing to budge and support a larger bill than their original proposal. Republicans remain opposed to one of the Democrats keep demands. The Senate Gavaldon for the week, though no votes or scheduled lawmakers will be given at least 24 hours notice of any deal on a Corona virus relief settlement. One in this country really believe that relief for for Americans Americans should should be be totally totally contingent contingent on on Bailey Bailey on on states states for for mismanagement mismanagement that that predated predated the the pandemic pandemic by by decades. decades. Senate Senate Majority Majority Leader Leader Mitch Mitch McConnell McConnell blames blames Democratic Democratic leaders for the stalemate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proposing up to a trillion dollars in aid for state and local governments. Move, she argues, will help states provide for first responders in public health. Fox is Jared

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