Mail-in ballots sent to Trump, First Lady in Florida


President trump's been critical of mail in voting in claiming it leads to fraud but he and his wife of applied for a mail in ballot for next week's Florida primary election records in Palm Beach county Florida show ballots were mailed out this week to Donald and melania trump at their Mar a Lago resort they also voted by mail in the presidential primary last March president trump's been vocal about his opposition to mail in voting the universal mail instead work absent Jeez do work it's a very different thing than absentee where you make an application and you send it in they said your voters different critics say there's no difference last week president trump said mail in voting was okay in the state of Florida but others should go to the polls in person despite the corona virus risk what I have to feel safe and they will be safe the president has admitted if there isn't a deal for extra postal service funding that would hinder mail in voting Jackie Quinn Washington

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