Danny Greene, the knocking down side


It evaporates right away and and the heat end up walking off the court with the victories. Look, I know it's times they like the better idea. Angry, lost park. So let's see if we get him back up. Go ahead. Kendrick lost you there for a second. Yeah, People like me get caught up in the in. The cute is above that. Boston play with Step back crossovers in our lives, but they don't They don't see the game like been 15 points of 17 points in the NBA game is nothing seems, walked it down all the time. Um, you know, the Celtics. Biggest problem is when they start in threes early, they fall in love with threes. And those tests that they were hitting to get them. The lee there weren't gonna be able to sustain their for 48 minutes. Those are contested three pointers in two point size. Those are low percentage shots in the Miami heat just kept chipping away there. So no lady they were saying Hey, without 15

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