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Surge warnings, flash flood watches and tropical storm warnings continue for southeastern Texas is tropical store beta rolls are way turn around. Don't drown. Do not drive your vehicle across flooded roadways and some isolated tornado warnings off to the south of Houston. Also stay whether aware tonight inches of rain still ahead as slow moving Beta comes ashore tonight into Tuesday, but lingers through Wednesday. 71 degrees are alone tonight. I'm meteorologist Scott. Him or the weather Chance 73 now and raining at the ranch. Top tax defenders 24 Hour Weather Center. It's 501 or Tom Story. Galveston County Judge Mark Henry says his candy will likely remain under a tropical storm warning for the next 24 to 48 hours. We expect tropical storm winds in the 35 knot range and rainfall estimates have actually dropped now around 4 to 7 inches. Our biggest concern is storm surge. We have already seen localized flooding. And storm surge going over the road and Bolivar Peninsula on Highway 87 even as far north as Walter Hall Park in league City that backs up to clear Creek, Galveston, Taiwan to rescue crews are on standby if needed. And storm surge already battering boat docks in Chema where water is now flooding through the population. Destination sites a lot stronger than I thought it was gonna be definitely, I thought, you know, you have to go down to Galveston to get this little surprise. Pretty amazing. I keep thinking maybe I should leave now.

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