He told me that his number 80 greenlit slow


Could pull it off. He always deficiency that Cincinnati Bangles have You know where they'd be the officer line, but I mean, he was getting smacked. He was going smacked around defense. You know, running like a nose bleed, just getting gashed by the Cleveland Browns. No, A. J. Green looks slow. You know, he told me that his number 80 greenlit slow looks old and slow right now, and Joe Burrow with no preseason know all season. He's out there. Just operated like a veteran. You mean Max? You don't see that out of a rookie man, but with the way he operated all day long. Under just missed a pretty good defense. He Yeah. Yeah, And he had the systematic. He had sustained Bangles real competitive against Cleveland Brown so This guy's going to get better embedded in, but I can't wait to see what he looks like next year when he actually has an off season. Yeah, right. And by the way that I talk about Cleveland's talent, they have really, really elite talent at different positions on both sides of the ball. I mean, every team has town, but Cleveland has some premium talents. They stunk for so long, they stockpile draft picks, and they've turned that into some actual players. Joe Burrows completing 60% of his passes doing 61 times. 61. Times State That is, that is ridiculous

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