Your Freshers At Home Bar Quiz (with AmyElle) - burst 1.0


Meghan and I both have two sections. Each of questions amy has not seen any of these questions. She didn't even know what you're doing a quiz today. So this should be really I'm really excited. Let's start with the drinking fax, which should we start with US or UK UK? So Ready A slow down with a corona. Loud in the curve. Amy. Flatten the curve. Of How long day guys honestly. Okay Question number. One In two thousand fifteen. How often was a new brewery opening up in Britain as a government analysis revealed? So every what again in twenty fifteen how often was a new brewery opening up in Britain? Analysis showed. I'M GONNA go with every week. Okay. Every Week I. I I wouldn't put it past Britain. Right, I'll go on every three weeks. So the answer's every other Oh, my God I was GonNa get every day every other day every other day a new brewery was opening and Britain in the year two, thousand fifteen question number two, the Manhattan cocktail a blend of sweet vermouth and whiskey was

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