The Nuggets have him right where they want it. But I was actually feeling that like


Guards yoke. It's better than any other player in the league match. Marty's concerned with Jamal Martin, certainly legacy already had to Siri's the practice and how to control a score like him and Amy a little bit and James Harden how to get a good job against those guys. So they'll go on with that same mindset that saying strategy, the slowdown, Jamal Murray, I think that's excellent analysis. And when you look at the Lakers the fact that people like me we're taking the Clippers and the odds makers like the Clippers a lot and smart people in the business seemed toe like Clippers are back. Basketball people, but the bottom line was wired a wire. Basically, the Lakers had the best record in the West, and in the once the playoffs came around, they got even better. So and then I think that's excellent analysis. They've had practice against a kind of transcendent scorer like a Jamal Marie and Damian Lillard and James Harden and matchup wise at the five Yokich is

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