A lot of protesters have called


Up. Chicago Murders are up 52% So far, New York of 23%, Los Angeles up 15%. There are a lot of people who worry about a breakdown of law and order in this country. Are you one of them? I'm worried that is long as administration continues to preach hate and division. Talking about people in ways they talk about. That I am worried, but here's the deal. We're in a situation in the United States were right away in our administration. Violent crime went down 15%. We didn't have to worry about protecting public buildings. We were able to do it without sending in our military. Wow, This guy's really something else. So he's sitting there. Does he realize? And someone please tell him that the people doing the destruction our people that hate trump these air people? They're gonna vote for him. His boys. His man's in them. They're out there. Destroying America. City's federal buildings, whatever in protest, because that's the new thing Now, if

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