President Trump and Nancy Pelosi is off the charts. Oh, it she is. She is the


Unleashed on it. A killing 200,000. AMERICANS Russia. This president has been tougher on Russia than any other president Barack Obama practice strategic patients to remember that wonderful, wonderful catchphrase for his doctrine of do absolutely nothing but appease, Remember, let's you know I'll be more flexible after the election. It's a sea, spoke to the president of Russia. It's It's this president has turned foreign policy around. He has shown that 3% growth. You don't need a magic wand. You just need a bright strong. A capable leader in the White House. And he is that leader. He is the only one I know Brian and all seriousness who is capable of guiding the United States. Through his strength, his intelligence, a cz great talent on great patriotic values. He is the only one who can guide this nation. I believe successfully through the maelstrom that we see swirling around the world right now is it's It's incredible was happening for Lou. Let me assume the Ueo how he started with the controversy with the election. No one could believe he won. Jill Stein challenges the Electoral College. The delegates actually being pushed, not tow honor with their states of elected than the Russians and the We're wilted in the Mueller probe, and then a resulted in something from the moment Pope come the impeachment now the pandemic. So between those things. The country is so divided polarised through maybe the challenges Democrats have given him in the second term. If he wins outright where we're not talking about hanging chat, you think the president will have a different approach to the next four years. If we just go back to debating issues? Do you think we'll see someone who could be more? Inclusive. I think this president is greatly inclusive. If I may, say Bryant, this is a president who has done something that Barack Obama didn't Barack Obama could not achieve the economic growth levels that he has couldn't drive unemployment with lows that he has historic lows. The president, remembering his campaign said he would be a president of all Americans. He has lived up to that the lowest unemployment rates for blacks and in history, the lowest unemployment rates for Hispanics in history, the lowest unemployment rates for women in 65 years, the lowest Matching

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