Working in Unison with Justin Ricks Pro Basketball Agent & Manager


Of course The number one go every athlete won't make to them You know as a basketball that was in third grade. I was by far was not the best on the team. Probably wasn't the best or any team played on. You know what I mean and But I was a student. I just love being around the game. I loved managed Love getting practice is just love being around. And now when I got to high school I started to become realistic. You're not going to get a college scholarship. You know what I'm saying. Like all these coaches. They come in to see a best friends. So I'll start thinking about different ways. I could just really be steroid again. And at that point like I remember. I was getting out of practice one day and I coached crabby practice. You know just like just going through the motions in our coaches like man. I Dunno taking taking this for granted because a Lotta. This is GONNA BE. Our last ever played basketball. A lot of not getting. The kind of scholarships may not make today. Just Kinda hit me at that point. I was like man. I meeting B. as in our you know and I remember as a to everybody who will listen I will tell Mama be as our GM. And I really believe that you know what I mean and so you know what I did was I want the grammar state and Um when I was there I still try to stay around the game and I was still talking to a lot of my friends. That was playing basketball in the COLLAGEN. You know Still discount trying to study the business and it ended up animated JOB WITH THE MEMPHIS. Grizzlies and I felt like that was like probably the best thing to happen. Because the unique thing about working with the grizzlies everything was in one location unlike most NBA teams. You know the basketball operations the business operations and the practice facility was pretty much in the same building so any given time you know you can see. Lying highlands are the GM and a break role in automates alike and And in my manager at the time was over the says marketing department like every month he will have like maybe a player like Scout. Or sometimes I know how does come and speak to the market style and like I took that to my advantage. I was like all right. He came and spoke to us. I entered it was myself so so when I see him doing gang there when I see him around a bit. I'm a speech on period. Side is like Sede see certain people and I speak to him and I did ask them questions and I remember my best friend wind up becoming my first client when I became. Aj here the free agent workout with the Grizzlies. Coming up and I'm by went to GM adjutant seducing myself like what was going on Monday just agent one day a private looking like man the head of the kid talking to me but as it you know what I mean but I'm looking like man is only thirty GM's so I know you've probably talked to a lot of ages in his lines also. I'M GONNA ask questions because I realize man of you ask questions you ask the right question you'll get passes you know what I mean and So you know after I left the Grizzlies Man I at that certified in my mind. My best friend became my first client and First Year in Atman. I just learned as much as I came in our prime only to class at the time. I really wasn't trying to decide. A Lotta guys always always kinda put it in in in eternal record label. You don't want to a lot of artists and you can't have none of them released the album so what I edited backers in what I mean by that is like I would go to Portsmouth some of the Argos many places as possible late Dan. Facebook and just get connected with coaches general managers. You know what I mean so whenever I do start to sign players our have jobs to give to help them build their careers you know so no man. That's good 'cause we kind of paint a picture of like of the progression and so kind of going back to like the early years when you realize I am not going to be the guy that you know that the gift that offers may be go for you when you're trying to figure out this agent thing right you told everybody about it right like NAM and you can do it right but from an income. Make it out there right right right how. You're honestly like a because I I heard that a lot. You know what I mean like man. You know we come from we come from. It's no agents Man Like what are you talking about the first player dead from my era that made it to the NBA was promised up But before my area you know we always had basketball but no benjamin bed rustles actually from Mar Louisiana before he migrated to Oakland so we always had like athletes but on a business on business. We never had nobody. So you know you're right. When I used to tell people. I'm going to be as people really look like Trip like houses ablaze. And but I really like I could do anything. I really felt room featherweight like right now saying when they say you know you can do all things through Christ. I really believed that scripture like do whatever you know what I mean and it may be a journey. I may not get another night. But I'm always played along dame everything I do you know so I think one of the biggest things that just kept me going my confidence. You know what I'm saying like Interviews UNITES TO. Listen to interviews. Ai Is listened interviews. Kobe is listened interviews. That Wayne like three people that really influenced me. Listen to interviews masterpiece. Listen TO INTERVIEWS MALCOLM X. All five hundred people by Marlee like all. These people got one thing in common. They believe we felt. Like I was GonNa be the best in over the the way. I'm going to be the greatest rapper loud masterpiece like be the best businessman in a slight. Nobody penetrate their belief. Just take on that mentality. You know what I mean like men listens like if this what you WANNA do. You GotTa stand firm on a really gotta dedicate everything to a because if I say on the aging without putting the actions behind it denounces another personality with pipedream like I started doing was at the time I had a full time job. You know what I mean so I get off work. I used to dedicate like an hour and a half to study. Looking at contracts is all public domain. Certain things are public domain. You know what I mean this asking questions again like I say when I worked for the grizzlies you know if I bump into one of the SCOUSE. I'm asking him. How do you evaluate talent? You know what I mean. What what goes into making decision goes into roster changes like these people used to you know. I'm sorry I sucked because you know what I'm saying but they would give me a free day and But the question is short minutes obtains is having a confidence that belief in myself

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