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UFO investigation continues


Welcome to catch myths and mysteries. Cyber host kid chrome and today we continue or an investigation into whether flying saucers are man made or from other worlds. Yesterday we talked about the Comic Energy Commission and how it is employing civilian investigators and researchers in two things that go flying through the sky at night and I almost called this podcast. Ufo's or another government. Cover up now. Hang in there with me because I believe that. The government is aware of man-made flying saucers. But let's go through it. I we need to get some stats out of the way forty nine million reports of UFO's worldwide. Come IN EVERY YEAR. More specifically flying saucers have been reported or seen by police. Military Astronauts and presidents uniform have appeared as lights at night and in broad daylight debit photographed sketched. And my point. Whatever's out there flying around on identified flynt's objects or flying saucers. There is no doubt that something is flying around out there. The reason I mentioned of front that I almost called this podcast. Ufo's or another government cover up is self evident when you look government military responses to these sightings. They're dismissed blooms methane gas in the atmosphere. Sunspots shooting stars and mass hysteria but the biggest dismissal came in the form of three books project grudge project sign and of course project. Blue Book. The same language was at the end of each as a project. Blue Book ended and that language was case closed. Them's fighting words. My God you know that if the government is trying to end speculation with their so-called investigation as the final word that they're hiding existence of flying saucers. Well maybe maybe not. It's called reverse psychology. Say you want someone to go somewhere or do something so you tell them the opposite the next thing you know. They've gone there or done that thing. What I'm saying is that the government wants a public watching this guy for UFO's because they don't want them lucky for something else or looking some where else. That's something else is the fact that the. Us has been working on building flying saucers since the end of World War Two now. This is a fact not a speculation if you're familiar with such theories and they are theories at times then you may have heard of the horten brothers. These are real people that were corralled and project paper clip at the end of the war. That was World War. Two the horten brothers Walter. Reamer the Horton's produced together forty four different airframe with the same basic design history is portrayed them as aeronautical visionaries in one thousand nine hundred forty. Messerschmitt there the me one. Oh nine pilot Walter. Horton proposed putting a pair of Germany's new jet. Engines into a Horton Glider. The result was the H. O. Nine rimmer was the aero-dynamics and designer Walter was a facilitator eventually holding an important loofah position. That allowed him to divert government supplies staff facility. Force brother jumped to the end of the war. It project paper clip. The idea was to let stormed Berlin while the United States rounded up all the scientists have brought them to the. Us paper clip alone could be subject of a very long podcast. But I mentioned it because Walter. Horton was one of the two hundred and fifty scientists brought to you tonight. States if you compare today Stealth fighter with the original. Horton flying wing. You can't Miss Similarities. Walter Horton died in nineteen ninety eight but in the late nineteen forties project sign the Airforce Swine saucer investigation seriously believe the possibility that you are host like foo fighters might have been secret aircraft manufactured by the USSR. Based on the Horton's decide. Okay so we're back to. The question are flying saucers man-made or are they other worldly now. I had talked about area fifty one but I couldn't help but mention this bit about the horten brothers. So tomorrow we cover area fifty one. And what's going on there? And what does that have to do with Roswell reverse engineering and who saw little people or little bodies taken from Roswell? We'll delve into that in depth tomorrow today wind saucers possibly a government. Cover up was brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and books of fiction adventure in life on the edge should KIT CHROME DOT com. You can get for free and by Sharon. Bauer internationally recognized psychic and medium and author of the book. Life Eternal love immortal you could get at Sharon. Bauer medium DOT com. I'm Kit CRUMB. Thanks for listening..

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