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Having podcast together at home then but anybody go anywhere and do anything fun. Colonel last week visited that you went to. I went to a different corner of my bedroom that I hadn't been to a while. It was very fascinating Founded extra salk had been looking for. They're very exciting. Find myself spending more time cleaning my backyard like raking and mowing grass. Just doing stuff. Normally that I would be like I'll do it later. I'll do it later. It's like ooh that's an excuse to go outside and to do something and come out there and it's like why am I doing this? I'm so that's how desperate I am. I would be like fifteen years out for you because I feel like we all are gonNA hidden age in our lives where we spend a lot of time just sweeping and raking you get to age and you just do that. They do the raking. Is I think twilight and then you play Shuffleboard when you get into retirement because you've had a lot of practicing with this notion yeah makes sense which is very fun but let me ask you a question Barbara. Exactly how sweep like this tweet with one hand but when I was out there this past weekend I I was like picking up a bunch of leaves. Now it's taken to another part of the art. Put Him in a bag. And then I walked back to where the pile of leaves were and in like the five seconds I was gone. There was a bird fight happening or I was standing world was like five sparrows and a blue Jay. I'll fighting each other and I went to. I went back to the pilot leaves and they all like exploded. I'd like I was inflict flew away and I looked around what happened that I looked down in the pilot leaves. And they were still like one sparrow there. That looked like it was hurt. Oh did door. All those other birds just jumping. This bird bent down and looked at it and while it was looking at it like this thing it just took off and flew away but that was that was my excitement. That's okay so that's a podcast. Everyone tap and what do you think they were fighting over worms? Who's to be the King King of the leaves? That's I don't know if fighting each other or the sparrows were ganging up and fighting the Blue Jay or who started it or like. I didn't know if I should feel sorry for this. Like did instigate. The flight is this. It's fault maybe maybe you know this. This was an asshole full. Though in the animal kingdom animals being animals. Is there like a dick at all that deserved it? I think so I think for sure. Yeah frying on the other foot. Biggest animal instigator that you could think of Janus Start fucking problems for example. Our Dog Benson will see if we go to a dog park and other dogs start fighting. He will run over to intervene except he starts barking at the dog that was being picked on like he gave up on the the victim. Victim Blaming runs over any start. He starts and we're like what are you doing? Like it's not like he runs over and he's like back off you know he's he's in the mix. He's executive of wildlife incident. Yesterday when a centipede or something just fell out of a hole in my ceiling. And I made look an audible third on the carpet. It really said that the first thing I think of is when you hit a rock and animal crossing an incentive because the first waste my head when I try to traffic because I didn't want to squash or mush into the copy so I just glass and I put it under it and I tried to force a little bit of cardboard under the glass but I guess it was freaking out running really foster on the gloss and a load of its legs came off all kicking because they just come off the body of those twenty legs just like the boss and I just had to Wilco as like this is too much wildlife your cup of legs mastery and Olympia. I think the cat deals with it so I got what was left of. I mean he's still had a ton of legs let's before he was fine but then went outside and flung him outside but the wind took over legs. And it's still moving in your beard I can think of. I don't know why that gets me. Just disembodied legs. Yeah that's horrible this more. It's funny. How an expecting flying at you make you react this morning? I was walking my dogs. And who knows like a moth or something flew into my head and I slapped my own face like I had I had a smudge all over the lens on my glasses from like hitting my own face because some tiny bug flew into his like. That's the instant reaction is to hurt yourself. There's a book in Your House. Do you kill it or do you try to bring it outside. What is like the general consensus in your household? Just chuck them out file. Try and Swazi if it's like really not or in place of inconvenience. Sometimes I just leave the bug. It's a spider and it's just sort of like in a corner or something I might just leave it and doing good work. It's it's doing work out there James and I actually true story. This happened but days ago. He was sitting in front of a computer. Just behind me here and a spider propelled from the ceiling like on like directly in front of him so much so that even makes live streaming. It would have come down right in front of the camera awesome. I Know Dana like re parked in front of these things all day restricted streaming all day. And we couldn't it didn't coincide. The spider was taken. Its chance its opportunity to to go out on the web. I WanNa remind everyone If people want to join US chat. We're watching Chad to can create a free account at receives dot Com. And there's going to chat on my window right over here to the right. We see me looking over here because I'm reading Check to see what's going on. Dan says almost flew into his mouth. One thank you for sharing that tennis chairman. I have almost a complete opposite opinion on bugs when they're in our house For me same with you at least like if I see a spider in the corner. I'm like whatever like it's not bothering but if it's like crawling across the floor might smash it do. Its thing but I'm under the impression my mentality is. This mother. Broken Insect invaded mine space. I'M GONNA kill it. 'cause it's on my property but inside but it doesn't know how to read it doesn't understand that. I don't care it's in my space. I'M GONNA kill it interprets like one. Just take it outside. It's just easier to smash it. I also don't handle bugs. It's easier for me to like approach it with a shoe smash and then throw it out versus like a piece of paper or how to deal with the GU. I swipe up your wanted to deal with an insect but you want to deal with insect guts. I deal with a live insect. Because I'm afraid it's GonNa like quickly skinner away onto me or something like in my face or like get stuck in my hair. Yeah there's about a two second window where it's going to end up coming from the floor inside my mouth. It's going to be there you know. Does this thing where he tries to make me feel bad about it. Where he's just like with the little guy was just looking for his family and he just got lost and made the wrong turn and entered our house in trying to get the Nicole Kidman. You Kill Them like Oh my God sneeze. I decided to Google right here. I'm looking it up. I looked up. What is the ratio of insects to humans? Estimated ratio of insects to humans is two hundred million to one lessons about right. Because you think about how many baby spiders and one of those spider and we have all read. Charlotte's web in the nail use their web as little balloons to like. I have it right now I want to. She got what was coming to her. She got her. I wonder if you read Charlotte's Web. If you have a completely different mentality when it comes to your relationship to insects I probably would. I've seen what is it James and the giant peach where there's a bunch of bugs that they're interacting with seeing. That just made me hate bugs even more 'cause that movie mail so speaking of bugs did a gibbering murder. Hornets back with you from from Japan. Govern. I'm not having a very good year right at the end of last year. I made a video about the murder. Hornet and I also said that. Twenty twenty be the year where we do nothing and don't go anywhere and now. I'm worried about the other things that I've said in the end of last year they're gonNA come true. It's terrifying usually a prophet breath. Hornets are up in Washington state. And what they're like two inches long. How do they can't fly here or they just met over in cargo or something. Yeah never layover in Alaska. Move.

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