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The Movie In Your Mind with Tony Blauer!


Initially it was famous in the martial arts community on all the covers self-defense. Magazines than lead tier one unit so the military had them come trained seals the unit. You name it classified stuff. We can't even name the also then worked law enforcement. He invented the first like self-defense. Outfits where you could beat on each other not get her but everyone copied that so what you think is just mainstream. That was actually his invention. I guess you can't patent and trademark something like that. Because he should be really really really really rich. They robbed a also then he created for the cross fit community a self defense system designed for cross-fitters and people still wanted to be athletic but use all the tools they have in their crossfire boxes to also create a self defense system that they could use it when along with their cross fit workouts but he's also a mindset genius and that's why. I really wanted to have on the podcast because feel like right now. Locked IN QUARANTINE. All we have is our mind and more than ever. We need to be focusing on keeping our minds strong focusing on the right thing so it sounds like we. Tony on the PODCAST. But Tony's get a retail. You his background. That's my version of his bio. Welcome Heidi how you doing are you. I'm I'm under the condition under circumstances and doing really good you know. L. I like your shirt. Thank you thank you. It's It's probably the most important stuff that we're doing now for people who can't see this shirt on the says no fear but it's spelled k. w. and that's kind of what. Spencer is alluding to at the end. No mindset stuff realizing that you know. I've been studying violence in arts and self defense for forty years in in the thing that I noticed most is that the people who manage their fear managed to stay in the fight and so it didn't matter if it was man or woman it didn't matter if it was a a kid it didn't matter what their Marshall are background whether they were Jujitsu Mugabe or just fighting just just for survival the when I would study people over decades and peel the Iranian. It all came down to the moment. Somebody flipped that switch where they changed their relationship with fear and so we have an expression in our program. You know if if you manage your fear you manage the fight and that's why you know going back to what you said spent like like with everyone here is in a fight and were the ambushes. Were getting aside from the danger of the virus. The ambushers that we're getting right now are negative thoughts worrying about things that are even happened. We've in Akron. We love love sharing a just on A very famous Sports Psychologists Show Finding Master Michael J. Rey in it's an acronym US Oliver Courses In. Its its feer the acronym for fear in its false evidence appearing real. And in. What I liken that to when we're visualizing something in the future that's causing us massive amounts of stress so much so that it's a mobilizing in the present in other words. You find yourself sitting around the house but wasting time on social media sitting in the corner drinking. You're not doing what you need to do. In in you know what? I'm what? I'm working on like the term motivational coach. But when I'm like doing one ones of people work with teams whatever and working with a remind them like A. We need to always in life. We need to always be solving problems. You guys you guys know this reinventing yourself rebuilding but I tell people you can't solve the problem. If you become the pro in other words you gotta learn to develop the self awareness to get your own way so this is really helpful for a lot of people out there. 'cause yeah morphing into and I feel like people can build habits of fear and of the future and I know even I personally do that sometimes with certain things going on and I have to remind myself in Spencer hopes to we. Just talk by like. Okay we'll what is real. What is this that's happening? It's it's important like you decide not to be calm. The actual problem actually manifesting the thing that you don't want to happen route one hundred hundred sent and and everybody does. This is like is weird thing is is i? I WanNa be Oblique as I explained this. But like some of the people that I coach professional therapists and psychologists who are going how do I you know I w like no one would need therapy? If there was no few the only reason we have fair because of fear in fear they just the idea the psychology of fear of lot of you like to talk about fight flight or freeze. Y'All year all the time. But that's GonNa like like this band aid that we put on top of anything. That's your fighter Flights Jamaa. That's the vagus nerve dusty. But it's not giving us actionable ideas and things to think about. And so would I tell. People is is that you get a stimulus. Whatever it is the bank calls the government does a report the CDC says Southey Arita tweet. The the studio says a call. You got a problem before you even know what it is the brain and everybody does. The brain starts going. What is this? What is you get you get a toothache? You don't immediately think that you'd popcorn last night. Got a stuck in your teeth. The first thing. If you're a normal human you go opening my tooth. Bill is outweighed by wisdom teeth. We'd go to the extreme in so I created a system like decades ago. And it's funny because I get defensive about this a lot of podcast lately. I've been studying for forty years. And so we have a whole program called like no fears a registered trademark. We have a whole program here. You can see this because it's a listen to the audio but I'm giving you a glimpse like this is one of the slides in our in our program and it's a whole map like a simple strip map that when you get a fierce fight about a relationship problem a business problem a pandemic problem. You immediately go. Do you think knowledge midfield loop and then there's a series of just really simple questions that guide you so that you go from an emotional reactive mindset to critical thinking so we're actually helping people create self awareness so when you say that there are certain things in your life that you get a fierce about and then you and Spencer of talk it through in people do it everyone. Does it intuitively my contention? Is that if we had a map would load faster so thinking about like your drive. You're on a family vacation in you know you're out in the middle of nowhere. Gps cuts out for.

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