Cured Trout with Gsli Matt


Name is. I'm shift from Iceland's run to restaurants in Iceland skull and Reykjavik the capital city and then in which is located on a tiny island on the south coast of Iceland called Westman Islands. I'M GONNA share a recipe with you. It's a cute trout similar to Colombo lex methods but using trout and standard Salman and using a little bit different herbs. So what I like to use instead of the traditional until is to use really good salt and Arctic time. Arctic Time Her. That is hard to find. It's only grossing in Iceland Greenland and the Faroe Islands but the flavor notes are almost like a lemon thyme mixed with lavender's and I've actually tried to do with those herbs instead and comes out really good as well so they can be substituted instead of Dr Time from softer which is sustainable cease. Company is to them and they have different flavor mixtures and one of them is Arctic time the recipe itself. Kosher three parts she sold with this Arctic time and one part raw sugar and for every fillet says the health lemon. The recipe is simple. So you have fillets of crowds. You just make sure it's completely debunked and take off the excess fat that is on then you take the fillet and you great health lemon over and then just covered slightly with a mixture of sugar and salt time. Just have to make sure it's completely covered. Keep it covered for eight hours if the phillies really. You're using Salman's of trout. It needs to stay up it longer. Then you just basically scrape off the salt and put it in the cooler and especially if you can put it on the cooling rack and under the fan inside the cooler that way it air dries pits and makes the texture of the cure trout. A little bit better so basically the time to make it as little more than one day after that the texture of the face gets a little more tense. And when you cut it down you can use it on act benedict on just grill toast or even just on its own with. Maybe a little bit site source of homeless. That is grated into either yogurt or cream. It's really simple recipe to make but it's really delicate than lights. I hope you enjoy

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